Xigma Game Boy Advance SP Leather Armor Case Review

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Product Requirements:
Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP

That latest portable gaming device to capture the attention of both children
and adults, is the Nintendo Game Boy
Advance SP
. The Game Boy Advance SP is the perfect size device to throw in your
gear bag, purse or jacket pocket. Nintendo did not see fit to include any sort
of case with the unit. So, those of you that are interested in protecting your
game machine, I submit to you the Xigma
Leather Armor case.

Available in several color combinations, this is a play-through case that
gives you access to all the ports and features of the Game Boy. Made of soft
Napa cowhide leather on the outside and even softer lamb suede on the inside,
this case provides quite a bit of extra protection to your portable device.

The Game Boy is held in the case by a thin clear plastic strap and a leather
holster. To insert the Game Boy, you open the top and slide the bottom portion
through the plastic strap and into the holster. The strap rests at the hinge
area and does not get in the way of using the Game Boy while it is in the case.
It’s actually quite invisible. The holster is a snug fit and does take a little
bit of pulling and pushing to get the Game Boy to seat correctly. Once done,
there are 2 round cutouts for the SELECT and START buttons. There is also a large cutout at
the bottom of the Game Boy which allows easy insertion and removal of game cartridges.

The sides and back corners of the Game Boy are not protected while in the case.
If you happen to drop the Game Boy on a hard surface while in this case, there’s
no guarantee that it will be fully protected. Although some
people might not like that the case is open on the sides, it does allows for
easy access to the Volume and Power controls.

The case itself is generously padded on both the back and the front. A
leather loop with a magnetic clasp keeps the case closed. When in use, the top
flap of the case can dangle behind the screen. This doesn’t get in the way, or
distract from gaming. Also, the cover has convenient cutouts that allow you to
use the shoulder buttons while playing games.

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The Xigma Leather Armor case is very well made. Materials and stitching are
of high quality. The only real disadvantage of this case is the fact that it
does add some bulk to the unit. If you are looking for a case to protect your
Game Boy Advance SP from everyday use and scratches, this case will do the job.
If you’re looking for something to protect your device from more than daily
abuse, this is probably not the
case for you.


Price: $38 – $44 depending on color selection
(includes shipping)

Good front and back protection

Sides of case are open and unprotected


Product Information

  • Play-through
  • Good front and back protection
  • Sides of case are open and unprotected

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