Judie’s Gear Diary – 2003-03-25

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It's springtime, and my thoughts are turning to…a new PDA! I never thought I would be, but I am getting bored with my T. What to do, what to get??
Garmin is sending me an evaluation unit of their new Palm with built-in GPS in 2Q2003, then there are always new CLIEs and Palms every six months or so, and it is getting to be that time again. There are also some new Pocket PCs coming out, but so far I haven't seen hardware that just got my heart thumping. Call me superficial, but I not only want a PDA that does everything I want it to do – but I also want it to look awesome while it does it. So far, the only thing that is making me even mildly excited is the new Garmin iQue 3600, but the wait is killing me!
What are you looking for in your next PDA – and do you think you'll ever find the “perfect” unit? IS it even realistic to hope for a “perfect PDA”?

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