Extreme Limit Metal & Leather Zaurus Gadget Case Review

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I recently reviewed
a Sharp Zaurus specific metal and leather case from
Extreme Limit. Now they have made a
new metal and leather case available. This one is called the Gadget Case. It
looks very similar to the original case, but is marketed as more of a gear case
then an actual PDA case. It can however hold the Zaurus or any other similarly
sized PDA though. Its overall dimensions are: 7 x 4 x 2in.

xlgadget 1

Made of the same quality materials and construction methods, this case is
available in the following color combinations: Black Italian Leather with Silver
Metal, Black Italian Leather with Black Metal, Black Italian Leather with
Burgundy Metal, or Black Italian Leather with Gold(dark yellow) Metal. I was
sent the Black Italian Leather with Silver Metal version.

I’ve been using this case as a mini gear bag for awhile now, and have found
it to be excellent as far as protection and storage. It is a great organizer for
small PDA related items that you may need to tote around with you during a
typical day. The available storage features are:

Detachable zipper mesh pouch
2 large pockets
2 sub pockets
4 business card /credit card pockets
2 SD card pockets
1 CF card pocket
earphone holder

The zippered pouch is made of a black mesh with black leather ends sewn into
it. It is held in the case with a long strip of Velcro attached to the bottom of
the pouch. This pouch can hold small items such as styli, adapters, etc. If you
remove it, a PDA can fit in this side of the case.

xlgadget 4
xlgadget 5

The SD and CF slots have cutouts at the bottom that allow you to easily
remove the cards from their slots.

xlgadget 6
xlgadget 7

The other pockets can hold business cards, credit cards etc.

xlgadget 3

The case is held securely closed with a dual zipper that has leather pull

xlgadget 2

A leather handle is located on the spine of the case. It can pull up for use
and then lay flat when not in use.

I really like this case! The metal panels keep the case stiff and protect the
contents from crushing while giving it a very classy look. I would love to see
an even larger gear bag made in this same great style.

The only down side to the case is the fact that it is a little pricey. All I
can say is that this isn’t an ordinary case. It is a unique Extreme Limit
offering that reflects the price tag.

Price: 9250 JPY / $75.87

Lots of storage



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Manufacturer:Extreme Limit

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