Judie’s Gear Diary – 2002-11-25

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The name is Smarty-pants, Judie Smarty-pants. My weapon of choice? The Town Compass DataViewer and as many of the various databases they have available that I can possibly fit on my Tungsten | T's 256MB memory card! Go ahead, ask me who John Brown Russwurm was (a co-starter of the fist US newspaper to be owned by African Americans, Freedom's Journal)…or Roald Dahl (writer of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which of course was later made into the Willy Wonka movie). Better yet, ask me which city in the US was the fastest growing in 2002 (Las Vegas). You won't even be able to stump me by inquiring about the height of Mount Everest (29,035ft). So far, I have the following Databases: 2002 Consumer Info, Personalities, US City – State, US Government, US History, World Geography, World History, World Nations, and the 2002 Year in Review. I also have the 2003 World Book Encyclopedia and to top it all off, Sun Tzu's “The Art of War.” There are even city specific databases available. Different Databases have different prices, but there is a demo available for most – so you can make sure you like what you are getting. Got a question for me? I bet I can find an answer! ;0)

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