Sena Cases Sony CLIE NR Series Case Review

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Product Requirements:
Sony CLIÉ NR series PDAs

Sony CLIÉ NR60 and 70 owners will be
happy to learn that there is a new line of cases available to them. Based in
California, Sena Cases brings to market
an entire line of Sony CLIÉ specific cases. Today I’ll be looking at the NR

Made of leather and available in four color combinations including
Black/Black, Black/Red, Red/Camel and Black/Blue, these cases are almost
identical to the
Vaja 731 Flip
Top Case

The Sena case does have a few differences though. Most noticeable is the
attractive two tone leather design. I really like this style. I wish there were
a few other color combinations available, but the ones that are available are
suitable for both male and female buyers.

The NR is held in the case by a small holster. The leather is snug enough to
hold the PDA securely.

A unique feature of this case is in the cover. It has a large rectangular
cutout with a mirror behind it. Women can use it to check their makeup and men
can use it to signal for help if lost on a deserted island ;o) The mirror is
acrylic, and can be easily removed to either give you a larger viewing area, or
to allow you to use the slot for business cards. Actually the mirror is great
for adding quite a bit of rigidity to the cover. In addition to the ample
padding, the mirror helps to make this case quite protective. More so than the
similar Vaja case. The cover which also has 2 Memory stick slots and another
business card slot, is held closed with a snap.

The back of the case has a cutout for the speaker and a hole for reset switch

The NR series Sena case is available in both a belt clip and non-belt clip
version for the same price. The stud for the clip version is plastic and
protrudes out the back side of the case.

In my opinion, the quality of the leather used in this case is just as fine
as the leather used in the similar Vaja case. Really, the only thing that gives
me any inkling that the Sena case is not a Vaja case, is the burnished edges.
The edges on the Sena case are shiny and almost melted in appearance. This is
more apparent in the Red/Black case with the red edges. The Vaja’s edges do not
look shiny at all. I think this gives the Vaja a nicer, more professional look.

Otherwise, the manufacturing of the Sena case is fine. I could find nothing
to complain about regarding the materials, construction, and stitching.

If you’re looking for a case to protect your NR and liked the looks of the
Vaja case but didn’t want to pop for $50, the Sena is a quality case and great
buy. It’s $10 cheaper and comes with a nifty mirror!


Price: $39.99

Available in interesting colors
Mirror included

Finished edges look a little gaudy


Product Information

Manufacturer:Sena Cases
  • Available in interesting colors
  • Mirror included
  • Finished edges look a little gaudy

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  2. I once thought about rigging up a wireless camera to watch my front door. Though the camera was too big for what I wanted to do with it.

    I suppose now smaller cameras are available, I might consider trying to do that again. The only difference is that I want to Internet enable the camera. So I can monitor my front door from work.

    Does the camera work if you put it behind a door peephole? Though I suppose I could hang it by the door, except then I’d worry about the camera walking away….though I would hopefully get a picture of it happening :p

    Don’t feel bad about a 27″ TV that doesn’t even do S-Video…. I’m more than just gadgets, and yet I only have a 21″ TV that doesn’t do S-Video…..but it is 20 years old and does do composite video…so I just use its monitor mode with all my stuff.

    My plan though for the new year is to finally get a more substantial TV…..I’m thinking a 42/43″ flat panel or RPTV….of course after I do that, I’ll want to upgrade all kinds of other stuff…like get an A/V receiver that’ll swich component video….a DVD player that does progressive video….though I don’t know if HDTV receiver is in the works….I haven’t seen much live TV in the last 10+ years…so that might be a while.

    The Dreamer.

  3. Your problem of the Cam not working in the dark could be tackled by adding a sensor light near your door.. Works good as a deterent for burglars too as they’ll be in the spotlight if they try to force your front door..

  4. Hi Julie,

    Visibility in the dark can be greatly enhanced by adding some infrared LED’s. These submit invisible, harmless infrared light.

    One thing. The color reproduction will be bad in the dark. But if you only want to see what/who it is at your door, that should be no problem.

    Just drop me an email if you need more information.

  5. coolmos:

    For the benefit of others that may be considering similar cameras, can you tell us all more about IR LEDs and how they might help the darkness situation?

  6. No problem.

    If you look around a little at various websites offering surveillance cameras, you will notice some that have IR LED’s in them. These are always Black/White camera’s. Over here in the Netherlands they also use this IR light in cameras that take your photo when speeding.
    The IR light is of course a colored light. You will not notice this on a B/W camera, but on a color camera you will see distorted colors. Like looking through a color filter. During daytime these IR LED’s won’t do anything, because they don’t submit as much light as the sun. So, if you’re not bothered by this effect, you could use it to have a lightsource for the camera at nighttime, without the need for a motionsensor/lamp.

    What you need are IR LED’s with as much light as possible.
    Some possible types:
    Osram LD274-3 ($0.25) Lightangle 10′
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    Now what you do is make a series of LED’s around the camera lens. If possible you can feed them from the powersupply of the camera.

    You need to make a little calculation. The maximum forward current for the types above is 100mA. If you have a 12V power supply, the resistance needed to limit the current is R=U/I, which means 12/0.1=120 Ohm. This resistance goes in series with the LED’s, effectively a long chain of LED’s plus the resistor. You can experiment a little with lower resistor values (or higher), but going too low will damage the LED’s. Normally you would use 6-8 LED’s.

    Hope this helps.

  7. Hoi Coolmos,

    Just wondering, do all camera’s pick up the IR spectrum?

    I know my videocamera uses it for the ‘night vision’ option, but I didnt realize those security cams can ‘see’ it too..

  8. For the money. I think I may get one for my business(Private Investigations) to put in a clock radio or teddy bear. For $70, how could you go wrong, even if it was discovered????? But like the old adage, “you get what you pay for!”
    Happy Holidays!:cool:

  9. hi does anyone know where i can get a battery pack for a 9v 500ma spy cam the 9v batteries dont last very long

  10. Does anyone know if it’s possible to buy an Infrared unit that doesn’t give off any visible light??

    I bought an IR unit and when I plugged it in, it gives off a redish light. In other words, when the unit is plugged in and you look directly at it, you see the REDISH LEDs. In complete darkness you can see the unit. I’m looking for an IR unit that doesn’t give off ANY light.

    Could it be the type of IR LED in the unit I have? Are there any other types of IR LED that don’t give off any light?

    My thing is that I’m trying to set up a unit that you can not see at all specially in complete darkness.

    Any suggestions/Help???? Thanks in advanced.:)

  11. I’m looking for a wireless pep hole camera for my front door or rig it up like the dreamer said any one do this yet can you tell me what I need and where to get it please link it

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