Semson\’s & Co. Compaq iPAQ Case Review

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Product Requirements:
Compaq iPAQ 3100, 3600 or 3700 series Pocket PC
Toshiba e570 Pocket PC

You’ve got to admit that we do a lot of PDA case reviews on this site. So
it’s always nice to get one that has something a little bit different about it
to make the review process just a bit more interesting. The
Semsons & Co. Inc. Vertical iPAQ case is
just such a case.

You may not have heard of this company, but they are producing quality
leather cases for the Compaq iPAQ, Sony Clie and Palm m500 series PDAs that are
available in 4 colors: Black, Brown, Ivory, and Burgundy. I was sent the Ivory
version to review.

This case is similar to the typical slipper style case, except that the
holster portion only grips the bottom half of the iPAQ instead of the whole PDA.
The holster is made of leather with what feels like a U shaped stiffener sewn
into the edge. The iPAQ slides into this holster very securely. I don’t think
there’s any chance that it could come out accidentally.

As you can see from the image above the holster does overlap the screen on
the bottom left side slightly.

The Vertical iPAQ Case has been designed for the naked (no expansion sleeves)
Compaq iPAQ. It will also accommodate the Toshiba e570 or AudioVox Maestro
Pocket PCs (I’ve not personally tested this case with anything other than the

[Toshiba image supplied by

While in this case, you have access to all the buttons, serial connector,
reset switch and AC adapter jack. The only problem that I could foresee is that
the holster comes right up to the bottom edge of the joy pad. If you like to
play action games, it might be a bit awkward pressing the button in the down
direction due to the thick leather.  I did try this case with the 3800
series, and although it fits fine, the outside application buttons are partially
covered by the holster.

This case is not a sync-able case as it will not fit in the cradle. You can
use a cable with it though…


The cover of this case has a semi rigid stiffener to help protect the screen
from everyday bumps and bruises. There are two card slots on the inside of the
cover. You probably don’t want to use these slots to store credit cards due to
the fact that the cover is held closed with a magnetic clasp.

This clasp is a round snap button type, that some purses use. It clicks into
place and has a really strong hold. I really like this closure mechanism after
having used it for a few days. It feels much more secure than the type of
magnetic closure solutions used on most PDA cases that I’ve reviewed.

When closed, the iPAQ is protected all over except for halfway up both sides.
For everyday use, I don’t see this as a problem. Just be aware that if you were
to drop the case, that it’s possible that the exposed portions could be damaged.

An interesting feature of this case is its ability to become a belt case by
threading the supplied leather strap thru two loops on the back of the case.
This leather strap snaps together to become a belt loop that you can snake your
belt thru. When placed on your belt, the case hangs horizontally instead of
vertically which tends to be more comfortable while sitting down. I actually
think Semsons named the case incorrectly. It should be called the Horizontal
case instead of the Vertical case.

The workmanship on this case is very good. The leather is smooth and the
stitching is even. I could not find any defects at all. The features, color
selection and price, make this case a good buy. If its design appeals to you, it
just might make it the one for you.

Price: $23.99

Can become a belt case with the addition of a snap belt loop.
Horizontal belt style is more comfortable than other cases that hang down

Must remove to sync with the cradle
iPAQ partially unprotected
Holster overlaps slightly over the screen


Product Information

Manufacturer:Semson's & Co. Inc.
  • Can become a belt case with the addition of a snap belt loop.
  • Horizontal belt style is more comfortable than other cases that hang down
  • Must remove to sync with the cradle
  • iPAQ partially unprotected
  • Holster overlaps slightly over the screen

3 thoughts on “Semson\’s & Co. Compaq iPAQ Case Review”

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  2. Welcome back to the Pocket PC! 🙂 I think you’ll like it again, lumps and all. And yeah, you with a 3800 series iPaq have a decrepit device, so far as a gadgeteer goes! 😉 And lets face it, the T2 is not THAT thrilling. It is neat, but the “wow” factor has worn off….everyone seems to like the functionality of a clamshell with a flipscreen now (I know I do! ). Now where’s a american Zaurus c760 or a Flipscreen equipped Pocket PC??!?!? I was thinking, HP COULD do something like this with a sleeve? That would be cool(and I don’t mean a thumbboard like they crappy one they have now!).

  3. gorkon280:

    Thanks! I am excited about going back to the Pocket PC. At least for awhile. I have some fun Pocket PC accessories to review soon too. 😀

    Mainly I just want the full size screen without the static grafitti area. I’m really tired of my T|T slider.

  4. Julie,

    I, too, tired of the slider and, eventually, went to a 2215. However, there is a mini-brouhaha brewing over the Tungsten C. Seems several owners–I used to be one of them–have mysteriously had a crack (Yikes!!!) appear in their screens. Pretty to look at but making the unit totally useless. First it was the MAC addresses and now this. What is it with pa1mOne’s QC?:wow: 😡

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