Alpina Case for the Sony Clie N7xxc Review

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Product Requirements:
Sony Clie N710c, N750c, N760c and N770c

I realize that the Alpina line of cases
were probably not made with Vegans in mind, but I can’t help but think that this brand
will become a favorite among them. Composed of  "high quality Polyurethane
Synthetic Leather" this case is exceptionally well made and thought out. As an
added plus to those that care about this sort of thing, it does not use any
animal by-products in its construction whatsoever.


The Alpina is available or both the N7xxc series of Clies, as well as for the
6xxc series. These cases are essentially the same, except for cutouts that match
the different button and jog-dial placements between the two devices. For this
review, I was presented with the
N7xxc version.

Crafted in a vivid metallic blue with olive green accents, the Alpina case is
done in a play-through style, similar to many of the other slipper-type cases
that you have seen reviewed on this site. It  is secured with a snapping
tab, which fastens on the rear of the case.

The only decoration on the front of the case is an embossed silver Alpina
logo. This is a very discreet badge, which should not offend those of you that
prefer not to be a company’s unpaid advertiser.

When the Alpina is opened, you’ll first notice the perfectly aligned holster.
The screen area is left open, with no annoying bars crossing between the region
between the buttons and the bottom of the screen.

The top of the holster is left open for easy insertion and removal of your
Clie. This also allows unfettered access to the Memory Stick slot, stylus silo
and infrared port.

The left side of the case has cutouts for the various sliders and the
head-phone jack. Curiously, the hold button is covered up in the case I
received, but I think it might be necessary for the integrity of the case for it
to be this way. It really doesn’t hamper use of the button though.

The bottom of the case is open to allow use of the hot-sync cable. You will
not be able to keep your Clie in the case if you prefer syncing in the cradle,
but removal is simple and only a minor inconvenience.

The wallet portion of the Alpina is very well designed. Instead of having the
card slots positioned in such a way that the cards would touch your PDA’s
screen, they have been put on the inside of  an opening flap. Opposite this
flap are slots for three Memory Sticks.


The Alpina’s flip-lid is further reinforced with a stiff insert between its
layers. This should be sufficient to protect your Clie’s screen from casual
dings and dents when the case is closed, but you shouldn’t expect it to be

Although I generally prefer leather, I found the Alpina to be surprisingly
nice for what I might have casually referred to as a "plastic" case. My only
objection to this case would have to be its price, which seems a bit high to me.
However, for someone that prefers not to use animal by-products in a case, this
may be exactly what you have been looking for.

Price: $34.95, $37.95 with belt-clip


Great Case for Vegans
Quality craftsmanship and excellent design
Integrated storage for memory sticks and credit cards




Product Information

  • Great Case for Vegans
  • Quality craftsmanship and excellent design
  • Integrated storage for memory sticks and credit cards
  • Expensive

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