Judie’s Gear Diary – 2001-07-29

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Wow – what a crazy month! I think I will be able to stop and take a breath….soon!
Is anybody else getting excited about the new iPAQs, Genios, and the other PDAs that might or might not be appearing this winter? I can't wait to see (and play with) them all!
I will be in Branson, MO the 6th – 11th. Are there any shows I shouldn't miss? Let me know!
As for my ToDo list: Sitting SMACK DAB at the top, is the need to write a total, in-depth review of Alex Kac's Pocket Informant. I have been using this awesome PIM program for the last month or so – but recently got “down and dirty” with it! I really like it, and am incredibly impressed with all that it can do! I am almost afraid to write the review in a way, though. Why? Because Alex is a mad-man when it comes to updates and upgrades! I have heard he will be coming out with v.3 soon, and so I am of the mind that I should wait for that major upgrade, before I write the review! Alex, I hope you can forgive me – but I have not forgotten you! :0)

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