Lodis PDA Insert for 3 and 6 Ring Agendas Review

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Product Requirements:
Perfectly fits
the Palm V/Vx & m500 series, but can accept any
PDA with measurements under 5" (12.5cm) tall x 3.5" (9cm) wide x
.75" (2cm) thick 

If you have a favorite agenda that you like to tote around, but you want to
be able to carry your PDA with you in the same package, you might want to take a
look at the Lodis
PDA Insert for 3 and 6 Ring Agendas

I am going to apologize right off the bat, because I don’t have the type of
binder that the Insert is made to fit. Since this is a review about the Insert
itself, I hope you will forgive me. :0)

The Lodis is made of a very soft, black, smooth grained leather with matching
black stitching. It simply feels and looks like a quality item. This is a
book-style case that features an extra flap of leather that inserts directly
into your 3 or 6 ring agenda. The holes in the insert are grouped in 2 sets of 2
with .75in (19.5mm) between the pairs and 2in (50.80mm) between the sets.


A leather tab covered with stiff Velcro on it’s underside grabs the loopy
Velcro on the 4 ringed binder insert’s edge. As you can see, the insert’s holes
are reinforced with metal grommets.

When the Lodis is inserted in your agenda, the tab of Velcro keeps the
package closed. Of course, the cover of your agenda will also keep the Insert

Opening the Insert reveals that the PDA will attach to the left side of the
case with Velcro. This is quite clever, in that if you are using your binder and
you need to use your PDA at the same time, you can open pages to wherever they
need to be without covering your PDA’s screen.

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In the spine, you will find a spare stylus holder. Curiously enough, it is
open from either the top or bottom; so if you have wanted to be able to access
your stylus from the bottom of a holder, this will be right up your alley. The
stylus you see peeking out in these pictures is the E&B
iPoint V

The right side of the Insert has two slots for business or ID cards. Behind
those slots is a long vertical slash pocket, perfect for folded bills or
receipts. The only evident branding on this case is the Lodis name which is
embossed very discreetly on the bottom of the left card slot.  


When you have your PDA in this Lodis case, you can use any stylus you desire,
no matter how high it stands up from your PDA. 

There might be times when you need to take just the bare necessities. That’s
when you can remove the Lodis Insert from your agenda and carry it as it’s own
separate case. The leather tab will Velcro to the back side of the perforated
binder flap, effectively protecting both sides of your PDA..

My only complaint about this case is that the Velcro is a little too soft and
loopy, and doesn’t give the grip that I feel it should. This is most evident
when you are closing the Insert with the binder flap up, as shown in the last

As you have seen, the Lodis can fit a variety of PDAs, ranging from the Palm
m505 to the Casio EM-500. 

Like most book-style cases, it does not offer protection for the top or
bottom of your PDA, nor is it crushproof by any stretch of the imagination.
However, as long as you are not having a totally klutzy day, the Lodis should
offer adequate protection.

The Lodis PDA Insert for 3 and 6 Ring Agendas is available at Stylus
and other fine retailers.

Price: $29.00


Can keep PDA in any 3 or 6 ring binder
Good quality leather with attractive styling
Can use as separate case outside of your agenda

Uses Velcro to attach the PDA to the case
Velcro used to close case does not seem to have a very strong grip


Product Information

  • Can keep PDA in any 3 or 6 ring binder
  • Good quality leather with attractive styling
  • Can use as separate case outside of your agenda
  • Uses Velcro to attach the PDA to the case
  • Velcro used to close case does not seem to have a very strong grip

6 thoughts on “Lodis PDA Insert for 3 and 6 Ring Agendas Review”

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  2. What can I say, or what can YOU say, J&J!! Just check out those “PHOTOS”!!! Did she use photoshop to do that?? No, she probably used one of your other recently reviewed webcams to take those!! Sorry that your review didn’t get thru to her enough.

  3. The Reader:

    First of all, the author of the review is a HE, not a SHE.

    Second of all, I agree that the images are not very good… But, the review itself is very informative and that is what matters most.

  4. Actually, I just got an email from them. Here’s what it said:

    Hello Julie,

    I’m apologize let Nate & you have a very poor experience from our H1910

    Acturally, The material is the 2nd layer of leather, All 2nd layer of leather will have a coating like plastic and use a module to embedded a pattern on it, So we still called this material named leather in HongKong, (I don’t know the acutal name of this material in your country)

    And I stopped the selling program for the H1910 case,
    Because I just want to keep a good image for all reviewer & a best goodwill for our customer and all visistor coming from your web site.

    Thank you a lot!

    Best regards,

    Jonathan Sin

    I’m very impressed that they would take the product offline due to Nate’s review. That really says something about them. Hopefully they can fix the issues with this case and come out with a better one.

  5. …and I was just thinking it really said something about ME! Behold the awesome power of the reviewer! 🙂

    Seriously, I think that’s great that they’ve decided not to sell the case. Even if it is somehow leather, it certainly doesn’t look or feel like it, and who wants to spend $20+ on a leather case that doesn’t feel like leather? I doubt that my review of it had much to do with the decision to pull the case, but I would guess it was a decision based on customer feedback. That suggests that Surplus is quite responsive.

    The case is still available for other PDAs though — this case is for the Sony S33, and it is exactly the same material and design.

    As for the pics, I do apologize. My only working camera right now is a POS 1.3mp that doesn’t have a flash and doesn’t do macro very well (as you can see). If you want to see better pics of the material used, you’ll have to go to the Surplus web site and check out the .Sony case .

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