Vaja Flip Top Visor Prism Case (Magnetic & Snap) Review

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Product Requirements:
Handspring Visor Prism

The Flip Top case for the Handspring Visor Prism is another high quality leather case from
Vaja. This case is available in two versions. A magnetic
closure version and a snap closure version. Each version is also available with or without a belt clip. A nice variety of leather color and textures are available as well.
They include Black Ostrich Pattern, Brown Ostrich Pattern, Black Grain, and Green Grain.


As with Vaja’s other play though PDA cases, Velcro is not used to hold the PDA in the case. Instead, the Prism slides into a snug holster with a soft leather
lining. There are no worries that the PDA will fall out of the case even if you hold it upside down.

There is a rectangular cut out for the application buttons. But unlike most of Vaja’s cases, this cut out has a clear plastic window covering it. You can press
the buttons thru this soft plastic just fine, but this is something that I personally have never cared for.
I also prefer one large opening for the screen and the buttons without a leather
bar separating them. Below the button cut out there are two very small holes that
match up with the microphone and battery charging LED respectively. A cut out on the bottom of the case allows you to sync the Prism with an optional
cable. However the case will not allow you to sync or charge the Prism in the cradle.
At least I couldn’t get it to make contact with the cradle. Removing the PDA
from the case to sync and charge doesn’t bother me, but it might be a
annoying  to some people.


The screen cover portion of the case is made of thick leather and has an ABS plastic insert for protection in case of bumps. There are 3 business card slots
on the inside of the cover as well as one large pocket behind the card slots. You can even have the inside cover embossed with your choice of Graffiti
reference charts. A basic or advanced chart is available. Or, you can just leave the inside blank. For an extra charge of $10, you can have your case
personalized with your name.


The cover is held closed either by magnets or by a snap depending on which version you purchase.

The snap version has a nice wide leather strap which wraps around the bottom of the case and snaps onto the back. The width of the strap
conveniently covers the hotsync port protecting it from dirt and other foreign objects that might come in contact with it.


The magnetic version has two magnets on either side of the holster which hold the cover closed. The magnets are quite strong so the cover will stay shut
under normal conditions. The only thing you need to worry about with the magnetic closure version is to NOT put credit cards with magnetic strips in the card
slots in the cover. The magnets that hold the cover closed would most likely ruin the cards. The magnets will not however, harm the Prism in any way.

The back of the case is plain except for the metal belt clip stud (if you have the belt clip version) and a small cut out for the reset button. Unfortunately, the cut
out on my snap case did not line up at all with the reset button on the Prism.
The magnetic case did though.

There is access to both the IR port, and stylus silo while the Prism is in the case. You can also use any Springboard modules that aren’t larger than the stock
module cover that comes with the Prism.


The over all size of both cases is approximately 3 1/8 x 4 7/8 x 1in. I found that using the Prism in this case felt comfortable in my hand.

The case is made very well. The leather and stitching are both top quality. I like everything about this case except the plastic covered
application button area. If that isn’t something that would bother you, and you don’t mind the price, then this is a terrific case that will protect your Prism and look really snazzy at the
same time.

Price: $69.90 Magnetic with clip, $67.90 Magnetic
without clip, $49.90 Snap with clip, $47.90 Snap without clip

Play through
4 storage slots
Choice of leather colors

Can’t sync or charge with cradle while in case.
Reset button hole in leather didn’t line up.


Product Information

  • Play through
  • 4 storage slots
  • Choice of leather colors
  • Expensive
  • Can't sync or charge with cradle while in case.
  • Reset button hole in leather didn't line up.

6 thoughts on “Vaja Flip Top Visor Prism Case (Magnetic & Snap) Review”

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  2. I thought the point of an optical mouse was that you didn’t need a pad or any special surface (glass excepted). It seems that Everglide are trying to cash in on a market that isn’t really there.
    As a side note – i have Logitech MX700 – wireless AND optical, and it kicks butt. If you are looking for this combo, it’s great. The only weird thing is that it’s slightly heavier than a wired mouse, but you get used to it. I had an old MS optical mouse, and it kept cutting out – this has never happened with the Logitech. Just my side review/0.2cents.

  3. Judie,

    You left off the most important point. Did you send them all back – Or are you keeping one to use? You kind of suggest that they work as advertised – but would you buy one or use one personally?

  4. I just received word that Everglide will be sending me the wrist pad that is compatible with the Attack and Giganta pads. The Attack is my favorite – so that will be the one I will be using permanently. I think it is worth the money.

    Judie :0)

  5. Yeah, you sometimes need a mousepad if your desk isn’t optical-mouse friendly. For some reason the particular wood grain on this desk just doesn’t work with any of our numerous optical mice. I really need a pad badly.

    I was just thinking about that too when I came upon this review. 🙂

    The-Gadgeteer always knows what readers are needing. 😀

  6. Just a slight warning to Judie; watch the wrist rests. They ‘lock’ your arm into position and make you move the mouse with your wrist only. This, as you probably know, enhances the possibility of Repettetive Strain Injury. And then who would write those fantastic reviews? (Yes…in the end I just care about me….sorry;) )

    Besides my nagging; also want to say I love your site and the work you’ve done for it. You’ve helped me choose hardware several times now and I find, every time, that your comments were spot on. Thank you Gadgeteers!

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