FlipCover Review

Product Requirements:
Device: Handspring Visor,
Visor Deluxe, and Visor Platinum
Not for use with Prism or Edge; but there is a separate model for the Prism, and
the Edge doesn’t need one…

One of the few peeves I have about the Handspring Visor’s design is the fact
that there is no integrated flip-lid. Sure, there is the included snap-on face
plate, but it’s just not the same. I suppose that I was spoiled by the way that
Palm designed their III series: with a flip-lid that made them have a very thin
form factor. Of course, what I didn’t like about that particular lid was the
fact that I couldn’t flip it all the way around to the back of the Palm. It
would either lift up…or down.

FlipCover.com, an
innovative new company, has developed one of the most excellent
after-market flip cover designs I have ever seen. Normally I am careful not to
sound like a Public Service Announcer for any manufacturer – but this is one of
the few times that I have found a product that I can recommend with almost no

FlipCovers look like someone took a Visor snap-on face plate, professionally
affixed it to a hinge, and then attached the contraption to a faux Springboard
module. This module then fits into the expansion slot on the back of the Visor –
just like any other module would – but it serves the sole purpose of anchoring
the FlipCover for the protection of the screen.


The FlipCover itself, is the same thickness and appears to be made of the
same material as the OEM cover. This means that it offers excellent screen
protection, and also covers the hot-keys on the front of the Visor.


When inserted, the FlipCover firmly secures to the front of the Visor, as
tightly as the included snap-on face plate does.  This means that tilting
the Visor does not cause the FlipCover to open. Believe me, that sucker is
staying in its proper place.

The main operational difference between the stock screen-cover and the
FlipCover, is that instead of prying the screen cover from the top of the Visor,
as you would with the face plate; you lift the FlipCover from the bottom to
open. This is intuitive, and a natural way to open the lid.

FlipCovers even come with a thumb-grip to make it even easier to access your

Instead of having a removable piece of plastic that you have to store while
you use your PDA; you can now simply flip the cover from the front of the Visor
to the back. Where it then lies flush. That’s right – it lays out of the
way on the back of the Visor. Ingenious!


Another good thing about this product is that you can leave it on while
hot-syncing. You simply flip it out of the way, over the top of the Visor.

I can already hear some of your objections now…”But Judie, the whole
beauty of the Visor is the fact that you can expand its functionality by adding
a usable Springboard”. Well, you’re exactly right. That’s why
FlipCover.com made it possible to affix a “press-on” adapter to your
favorite regular sized Springboards, so they could anchor the FlipCover also.

There are obviously some Springboards that this solution will not work with.
Some of the coolest modules available are also the most oversized. At this
time  – if that’s the type of Springboard modules that you mainly use, then
it’s true – you are out of luck.

You also won’t be able to use the FlipCover with any of the Compact Flash to
Springboard adapter modules. Since this is the main module that I use with my
Visor – you can imagine my disappointment…especially since I have a green
FlipCover, which as you all know by now – is my favorite color. :0/

The good news is that FlipCover.com is affiliated with ATL
, a “world leading supplier of OEM cable assemblies,
connector systems, and value added assemblies.” This didn’t mean anything
to me either, until I read further that ATL is an authorized third party
supplier for both Palm and Handspring. ATL is the company that supplies the
parts that make up all of your favorite Springboards, and they have access to an
extensive network of Springboard developers. Are you catching sight of the big
picture? That’s right: ATL offers their developers the option of purchasing
Springboard components that are compatible with the FlipCover right out of the
box. They also offer their developers incentives
to build their Springboard modules to be compatible with the FlipCover system.

This means that in the future you can expect to see more and more
Springboards – even the funky-shaped ones – becoming available that will work with the FlipCover system.

With this type of support, it is possible that FlipCover.com’s product may
eventually become a Visor standard. Personally, I think that it should have been
included with the Visor right out of the box.

Price: $19.97
Available in Black, Blue, Green, Ice, and Orange
A Prism FlipCover
is also available in black only, for the same price.

Adaptable to multiple Springboard Modules with “press-on” hinges
Great screen protection
Professional design
Flips to back of Visor & lays flush! Yay!
Snaps securely closed, to front of Visor
Can leave on when hot-syncing

Press-On hinge won’t fit my CF ->
Springboard Adapter
Will not work with oversized Springboard modules

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