Devian Supreme Wallet Case Review

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If you own a Palm III or PalmPilot with a Palm modem and have been looking for a case
to accommodate both of them, you’ve probably noticed that there aren’t many to choose
from. Devian makes such a case called the Supreme
Wallet Case (DVP8).  It’s a black leather play through case that is about 7 3/8″
x 4 1/4″ x 1 1/4″ in size.

dvp8-1.jpg (3914 bytes) The Pilot and modem are held in place via a leather yoke. Even though the
top of this yoke is open, the two units are held in place securely.I found that
inserting the modem first into its bottom holder and then inserting the PDA was the
easiest way to get both into the case.

When the Pilot is in the yoke, the stylus and contrast wheel can be accessed just fine
(this is true for both a Palm III and a PalmPilot).

The case is held closed with a black metal snap.

The DVP8 has quite a few pockets.  There are 8 credit card slots, 3 long pockets
for money or papers, a pen/stylus loop, and a slot for a notepad. There is a slight
problem with having all these storage slots, and that is that if they are all in use, it
is hard to close the case because it is so bulky.

dvp8-2.jpg (12993 bytes) The leather would probably stretch after awhile though…

Speaking of
leather, I’ve noticed that this case doesn’t have the same rich supple leather as their
other cases that I’ve reviewed. It feels stiffer, more cardboard like.  The case even
sounds like it has sand in it for padding when you flex it.

The quality of the stitching is fine, as is the snap that holds the case closed.

A nice thing about this case is that it can be used with either the Palm III or the
PalmPilot. The buttons are fully exposed for both.

dvp8-3.jpg (9984 bytes) This isn’t the best case that I’ve reviewed, nor is it the worst… but, I
don’t think it is worth $50 due to the quality of the leather. If you need a case to hold
your Palm OS device and Palm modem, I’d check around a little before deciding on this
particular case.If Devian would lower the price to maybe $30 I would be more inclined
to give it a thumbs up…  If you have this case, let me know what you think about



Price: $49.95

Compatible with a Palm III or PalmPilot.
Has lots of slots.

Leather isn’t up to Devian’s usual quality.



Product Information

  • Compatible with a Palm III or PalmPilot.
  • Has lots of slots.
  • Leather isn't up to Devian's usual quality.
  • Price.

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