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While the Google Play Store is evolving slowly, one of the biggest pains is the way that it displays all the apps installed on a device in a set of pages. If you have a look above, I've got eleven pages of apps installed on my Thinkpad Tablet. Reviewing my apps means clicking on the [...]

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Box network 7

Did you just take advantage of the free 50GB Android account mentioned in my previous post? Did you already have a box account from the iOS or Sony Ericsson promo? Or do you just already have a Box account? I've got to admit, the web interface on the desktop is pretty clunky. There's no way [...]

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I bought a used CLIE NX70v on eBay a few weeks ago for AU$200 because I wanted a PDA that I could use at school to enter data with. I recently trimmed down to just carrying an imate SP5 smartphone (very similar to the SP5m reviewed on The-Gadgeteer) which is fantastic as a phone and [...]

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RSS Feed Primer Article

It's funny how some forms of technology can be around for years before some of us ever really notice them. Case in point: RSS feeds. Most of you have probably heard of the term RSS before. Some of you are probably even using it. This article is for that group of people that have heard [...]

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Studies have shown that 67.89% of gadgeteers own digital cameras, and that 99.8% of my studies have been conducted on a Ouija Board. Nevertheless, I'd wager a bunch o'gadgeteers own digital cameras, and I'd further bet more than a few have lost photos to corrupted media - whether the camera (or operator) accidentally deletes those [...]

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 First, let me thank Julie and Judie for the opportunity to write this article for the Gadgeteer. Julie was one of the first to recognize the true potential of the Stowaway keyboard in her review when we originally introduced the keyboard. As the co-founder of Think Outside, I have strong opinions about keyboards for handhelds [...]

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After purchasing an iPAQ 12 months ago, my long daily commute with this Pocket PC and Avantgo left me with a feeling of wanting "something more." Not wanting to spend a lot of additional money, I avoided the cost, bulk, and wait for wireless networking alternatives, such as the now defunct Ricochet. These solutions typically [...]

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Many people have wanted to connect to the Internet with their Pocket PC's, but don't know do not know how to, or they have some questions. Many of these questions are regarding the "extra steps" that are required to connect to a MSN ISP. I use MSN too, so in the bold words you can [...]

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