You're driving along minding your own business only to look up and see flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Then you look down at your speedometer and cringe. When you drive a smooth, quiet car, it's very easy to speed without realizing it until it's too late. Radar detectors are one way to help prevent [...]

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Even though I have my mobile number added to the Do Not Call list, I get a dozen spam calls to my phone every week. They are almost always a pre-recorded message from someone named Sally or Sarah telling me that... well, I don't know what they want to tell me because I always hang [...]

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When the iPad first came out years ago, I thought to myself there's something that has some real potential to become a portable gaming device. Over the years the iPads have become more powerful and the games more complex. The one area that lacked for gaming on the iPad was a suitable gaming controller, one [...]

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Meet Joan, she's your digital room assistant. The Joan Meeting Room Assistant is actually a digital door label that uses e-paper (like the Amazon Kindle ereader) to post room reservation info outside an office meeting room. Joan links with your calendar so you when you schedule a meeting in a certain room Joan will display [...]

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Here is this week’s list of 5 crowdfunding campaigns that have caught my eye in the last week for being unique, and worth checking out. Click through to see this week’s notable crowdfunding projects. What is it? It's collapsible umbrella for the beach that comes with a movable 16W high efficiency solar panel. Why [...]

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Fans of Apple's rose gold MacBook, iPhone and Apple Watch can now choose from Satechi's growing line of matching accessories. Satechi's Metallic Series has been expanded to include rose gold versions of their wireless headphones, headphone stand, charging stations, Type-C Hub and new Type-C Micro/SD Card Reader. Additional Rose Gold items will be added to [...]

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I don't know where you are right now, but here in Indiana, it's hot. Not just hot, but humid AND hot. Ugh... When it's like this outside, the best place to be is inside with your favorite cool website,  which I hope is The Gadgeteer! To stay cool (intellectually), I've created a quick list for [...]

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The Avegant Glyph is a portable and lightweight theater that can go with you on all of your adventures. You might look like Geordi La Forge while you're wearing the Glyph, but you won't care because you'll feel like you're watching a 60-inch TV and will be enjoying hi-definition digital audio. It connects to your [...]

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Pollen, pet dander and spores: These are the bane of the existence of anyone with asthma and allergies. But be prepared to breathe easier: The IQAir HealthPro Plus removes 99.97% of pollutants including VOCs, particulate matter and ultra-fine particles, which are the most insidious because they can be breathed into your lungs and go directly [...]

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The TWIST World Adapter DUO from OneAdaptr is the only power adapter that you will need to take with you when you travel internationally (okay, so maybe it doesn't work everywhere, but it works in 150 countries!); it has all that you need in one piece. This unique adapter allows you to twist the base [...]

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It's been 10 years since we had a dog, but when we did, we just let her outside to do her business and then complained when we'd accidentally step in her business while walking around our yard. That's what happens when you live in a rural area like I do, but for city-dwelling dog owners, [...]

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We've reviewed a LOT of dash cams over the years, but I think this new dash cam from Pyle is the first one I'd seen that has two cameras. The Pyle Dual Camera & Monitor DVR System fits over your vehicle's existing rearview mirror and has a camera to point out the windshield and one [...]

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If you've day dreamed about adding smartwatch features to your favorite non-smart watch, the CT Band from French startup Rifft, may make your dreams to become a reality. The CT Band is a replacement watchband for most watches that is made of leather or silicone and comes in a variety of different colors. The band [...]

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Taking a temperature is something we do when we or our kids are sick. There are old fashioned glass thermometers, more modern digital thermometers, higher tech thermometers that plug into your smartphone and then there's the Withings Thermo. Withings, the well-known and well-respected health products brand has added the battery powered Thermo thermometer to their [...]

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The GEKO Smart Whistle is a personal safety device that will send your pre-defined contact list an SMS message, email or phone call with your location when you press the button or blow into it for more than two seconds. You can also send them an audio recording if you're unable to speak. After deactivating [...]

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