Why use your pockets when you can hang all your EDC gear from your belt? You know, like Batman. KILLSPENCER lets you live that dream with their new Utility Belt. See, they even used the same name. The KILLSPENCER Utility Belt is a handcrafted, made in the USA (Los Angeles) bull hide leather belt that… Read More

”Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe…” To some allergy and asthma sufferers, this cute line from the Hollies classic song is a way of life. What most people take for granted can be a life-long problem for others. Pollutants, mold, pollen, viruses, and dust that we breathe is five times more… Read More

Until humans evolve to have the ability to fly like Superman, we'll continue to dream about flying like Superman. One way to fuel that dream is with this fun Jetpack Backpack from Suck UK. The Jetpack Backpack is a regular backpack with adjustable shoulder straps and a main zippered compartment for books, your laptop, etc… Read More

Today I'm bringing you a brand new batch of interesting crowdfunding projects. I find these campaigns through emails that have been sent to me and my own web surfing explorations. Click through to see this week's notable crowdfunding campaigns. What is it? GEMINI speakers are individual Bluetooth speakers with magnetic mounts. Why do I like… Read More

I've been an advocate for wireless charging since the days of Microsoft's SPOT watches. The SPOT watches were the first smart watches and some versions came with a wireless induction charging dock which felt ultra futuristic back in 2004. Other gadgets have adopted wireless charging features over the years, notably, Android smartphones which use Qi… Read More

How is everyone doing on this wonderful Saturday afternoon? The weather here today in Southern Indiana is gorgeous. But I'm not outside right now because I'm a geek and geeks shun that glowing yellow orb in the sky. Instead of soaking up vitamin D, I'm inside goofing around with gadgets because that's what I do… Read More

I don't know how many times I've dreamt of having my very own graffiti covered metal dumpster on my desk. Wait, yes I do know how many times I've had that dream. Zero. I've dreamt about miniature dumpsters exactly zero times. But now that I know that tiny dumpsters exist, I can make that future… Read More

For those of you who like to be prepared by carrying both a knife and a flashlight, the fine folks at SOG have just made your EDC a bit lighter and less bulky with their new BladeLight series of knives. Available in both folding and fixed blade styles, BladeLights feature 30-45 lumen LED flashlights directly… Read More

Did you know that around this time every year that Microsoft gives away a selection of eBooks? Me neither, but now I know because former Gadgeteer writer Leah Gail Hallet sent me a text message this morning with a link to the giveaway page. One word: Wow! If you're looking to build out the technical… Read More

As I’ve said in my reviews of Focal’s excellent headphones and earphones, French speaker maker Focal is primarily known for their expensive (but also excellent) speaker line. However the audio news coming out of Focal this week is not about their crazily expensive speakers, but a more reasonable line of home theater speakers. Focal’s new… Read More

I bet you're sitting in a chair as you're reading this. It's time to stand up and get moving, and Fitbit is going to help you get motivated because now through 7/28, you can save up to $30 off of select fitness tracking devices AND they will throw in 2-day shipping on orders $50 and… Read More

SmartHalo is a device that attaches to your bicycle's handlebars to provide visual GPS navigation, a headlight, alarm, and even fitness tracking. The SmartHalo device was a successfully funded Kickstarter project from 2015, but it looks like they just now starting to ship to their backers and offer the device to the public. The device… Read More

I have scoured Kickstarter and have chosen 4 crowdfunding campaigns that I think are interesting enough that you'll want to check them out. Click through to see my list of this week's notable crowdfunding campaigns. Blurb by Ryan Pagel What is it? The Cubetto is a Montessori-approved toy for children ages 3+ that introduces and… Read More

Today is like Black Friday except that it's Tuesday and it's July. But other than that, it's exactly the same because today is Amazon Prime Day where there are tons of deals and bargains on some of your favorite products. You'll need to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of all the savings… Read More

I’ve been fascinated with Porsche’s 911 sports car since I was old enough to even think about driving. I even owned a scale die cast model in midnight black. So when I saw that Porsche had designed a soundbar using parts from a 911 you can bet it piqued my interest. I never could afford that… Read More