Let's face it, the days of wired headphones are numbered. With the iPhone 7 and other phone makers following suit, most people will be switching to Bluetooth headphones and earbuds to enjoy their tunes. The Helix Cuff allows you to keep a pair of wireless headphones with you at all times by placing them [...]

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Got trust issues? With people stealing your stuff when you're out and about, that is? I think we all do, to varying degrees. To assuage this tendency and actually keep our valuables safer, TrustBag might be just the product. While in appearance it looks to the casual observer to be a simple drawstring gym bag [...]

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The GoPower Watch from Kanex is designed especially for the Apple Watch to keep it charged when you're away from home. This portable power pack features a 4,000 mAh battery that will charge the Apple Watch up to six times before needing to be recharged. The Apple MFi Certified GoPower is the first portable battery [...]

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Wow, now I think I've seen everything... Apparently, fingertip protectors for playing guitar, ukulele and other stringed instruments is a thing. The protectors come in a package of four and are made of food-grade silicone material that stretches to fit the size of your index through ring fingers. Each fingertip protector has an opening in [...]

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This week's notable crowdfunding campaigns include a couple cool pens, a smart lock, a wireless backup camera and a holder for your toothbrush. Click through for all the details. What is it? It's a smart lock that replaces your door's cylinder lock instead of the deadbolt lock like a lot of smart locks that [...]

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Now you can blend in with nature when you're out in the woods trying to capture footage of Sasquatch or rabbits. The WASPcam 9906 CAMO is an action camera with a camo patterned case. This camera has been designed to be waterproof down to 98 feet without needing a special case. The WASPcam also features [...]

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Bellroy continues to push the envelope of stylish, well-designed, rugged wallets for adventure-minded folks. Building on their previous Elements line, Bellroy's latest Adventurer Collection of All-Conditions wallets look to be even more weather- and water-resistant with new zippers, zipper pulls and material (they've added a woven in addition to the water-resistant  leather) and packed with organizational [...]

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Oops, I was so busy yesterday that I didn't get a chance to post a weekly roundup with links to all the news, reviews and articles from the past week. What was I doing that caused me to forget such an important post? I was laying on the couch watching really bad movies all evening. [...]

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I've talked about my love of Qi wireless charging many times over the years and I have been worried that the technology is being phased out before it ever really got started. Smartphone makers like Motorola who were among the first to add this feature to their flagship phones a few years ago are no longer [...]

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Looking for some new tactical gear for the next time evildoers have you in their clutches? First of all, you're hanging around with the wrong crowd if this happens to you a lot. But I digress. Check out these shoelaces from ITS Tactical. Who cares about shoelaces you say. You do, when they are made [...]

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You've been looking at buying a drone for your kids that is both fun and maybe even useful (inspecting roofs, aerial photography, etc.), but you don't want to deal with the hassle of having to register it with the FAA if it's heavier than 0.55 pounds. It's tough to find a drone that weighs less [...]

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Do you feel that, "Pants pinch your jiblets and are clearly a sub-optimal part of any man's attire"? If so, you might want to check out Damn Near Kilt 'Em, producers and purveyors of---you guessed it---men's "sport utility kilts" since 2012. Damn Near Kilt 'Em's rugged, manly kilts are available in a variety of styles, sizes and [...]

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Nitecore TIP

It's just common sense that a good flashlight is hard to beat in the dark, right? But who actually has one handy when you need one? Nitecore thought about this and came up with the TIP flashlight, a pocket-sized flashlight designed to be attached to your keychain. This rechargeable aluminum flashlight is 2.39 inches long [...]

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Not to be outdone by T-Mobile new One plan which was also announced today, Sprint has unveiled a new plan too. Starting tomorrow (Friday, August 19th, 2016), Sprint will be offering two new plans that they are calling the Unlimited Freedom plan and the Unlimited Unhook’d plan. Click through for the details and a nice hearty [...]

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A couple of weeks I told you about the Spadle ladle. Well, the folks at Dreamfarm have been busy since then because now there's a new version of the Spadle. It's the Holey Spadle. It has the same features as the original Spadle, which includes the ability to transform from spoon to ladle with a [...]

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