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Swich wireless charger will make you want to switch to Qi charging

on July 6, 2014 10:00 am


I am definitely a fan of wireless charging and worthy Kickstarter projects. In this case, the folks at Lutman Design have created the Swich, a very unique and innovative Qi charging stand that is currently seeking backing in its Kickstarter campaign that ends later this month. The Swich is constructed of a ceramic base and mount platform with a CNC machined piece of American dark walnut connecting the two. The main face of the Swich has a layer of micro-suction tape to hold your smart device securely in place. The Swich is meant to not only charge your phone in style but hold it at a more functional height and angle as well. Its main face can rotate 90 degrees for either vertical or horizontal orientation of your device. A pledge of $170 reserves your choice of Swich in white or black. If funded, the Swich is expected to ship by end of this year.


  1. 1
    Hitesh K says:

    SWICH is really getting good reviews around the web. For sure it is going to give a good competition to the already existing some of the wireless charging stands.

    – Hitesh from

  2. 2
    Swifty says:

    This comes to mind too..
    Who’s funding these things?

  3. 3

    @SWifty obviously no one because the campaign ended before it reached its goal. Problem is that it was an Indiegogo project, so I believe that still means that all the money is taken anyway…

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