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Bad Elf GPS will help you find Santa

on November 24, 2013 10:33 am

Using your iPhone’s built in GPS to navigate from point A to point B is easy to do as long as you have a cellular signal. But get off the beaten trail and you’ll quickly find yourself lost. If you want to add a high performance GPS to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that doesn’t rely on cell towers or WiFi hotspots, consider a Bad Elf GPS. This small plug-in GPS comes in 30pin and Lightening connector versions. It supplies GPS/GLONASS satellite derived data that is accurate to 8 feet at elevations up to 60,000 feet and speeds up to 1,000mph. It also offers a micro USB port that allows pass-through charging to the iOS device via the Lightning connector.┬áIn addition to navigation tasks, this GPS is also useful for photo geotagging and geocaching activities.

Each Bad Elf GPS for Lightning Connector includes a free upgrade to CoPilot Premium, available in the app store. CoPilot Premium delivers offline road maps for voice guided turn-by-turn, vehicle navigation without requiring an Internet connection or wireless data plan. This upgrade is limited to USA purchases only.

The Bad Elf GPS is available now for $129.99 ($119.99 for 30pin version).


  1. 1
    Xfader says:

    $130 for a “better” GPS on a iPhone,and takes the look away from your phone.Sold!Kidding!

  2. 2
    James says:

    The GPS in a iPhone doesn’t require a cell connection. It works whether there is a connection or not. The maps may not download without one which this device won’t help you with either (it only provides you with a GPS). The solution is to download a navigation app that allows you to preload maps like Navigon or CoPilot (which is being offered free with this devices).

    So… if you have a iPhone this is a total waste of money. Only get if you have a iPod touch or a wifi only iPad.

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