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Scosche Radiation Detector for iPhone and iPod touch

on September 3, 2011 12:30 pm

Now here’s a product I hope I never need!  The RDTX Pro Radiation Detector from Scosche is an iPhone/iPod touch accessory that measures ambient radiation.  The RDTX Pro has a solid-state design to accurately measure gamma radiation without calibration.  It can be used alone as radiation alarm;  it is powered by a 96-hour battery in independent mode.  When connected to the Apple device, it will draw power from the device.  The free Scosche radTEST app has an analog display to show radiation levels as safe, elevated, or dangerous.  The digital display shows detailed radiation measurements. You can share your measurements with friends around the world using social media.  The RDTX Pro Radiation Detector is $349.99 from Scosche, though the website shows it’s temporarily out of stock.


  1. 1
    Joe says:


    Does the radiation from the iphone get accounted for?

  2. 2
    Janet Cloninger says:

    @Joe Cell phones don’t emit gamma radiation.

  3. 3
    Simon says:

    It’s a nice idea but a NukAlert’s only $160 and a dedicated geiger counter is the same price as the unit itself, not counting the iOS device.

    Management might take a harder look at the demand curve.

    If Amazon can put out a full blown tablet computer for $199, why is a simple detector with an interface cable so expensive?

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