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Nintendo 3DS eShop launching tonight!

on June 6, 2011 3:00 pm

The long awaited eShop for the 3DS will be launching on the evening of June 6th!  3DS owners might have noticed a SpotPass notification update on your 3DS mentioning the update.

The eShop will function similar to the stores on the Wii and DSi consoles.  At launch it will only offer more than 350 DSi games and 5 new software – three vintage 1989 games from the black-and-white Game Boy library, a 3-D enhanced version of the classic 8-bit game Excitebike and an interactive Pokémon strategy guide.

The new update will also offer an internet browser for the 3DS.

eShop games will start at $1.99 each.  Top titles like Super Mario Land will cost $3.99, and Alleyway and Radar Mission will cost $2.99.

Let’s hope that Nintendo will come out with more 3D inspired eShop games instead of just emulating classic games on the 3DS.


  1. 801
    Fahad says:

    Updating my system now! YEAA!!!

    Still gonna finish adding everyone though so add me!!


  2. 802
    bigbadbart1 says:

    it is updating, ever one update then add ever one on here :)

  3. 803
    SolidSnake says:

    every1 the update is on!!!!

  4. 804
    AwesomeJake says:

    IT IS!

  5. 805
    Jake says:

    Its up finally!!!!

  6. 806
    Sean says:

    added a few more

    Add me please! 3566-1553-6277

  7. 807
    Kento says:


  8. 808
    Ron b says:

    It’s working!

  9. 809
    Anya says:

    Mines updating too!

    FC: 0989-1821-7158

  10. 810
    speedrezist says:

    still no update it’s 11:36 here

  11. 811
    SolidSnake says:

    its takn 4eva though

  12. 812
    Mom says:

    Aww, just as I was going to bed. Gotta be up in 5 hours for work. Oh well, what’s another hour or so.
    Enjoy everyone. And thanks to all who added me to your friends list. :)

  13. 813
    bigbadbart1 says:

    i will when my is done,

  14. 814
    R.O.D. says:

    @brandon @calncey @neo @mond @logannaruto @batman @rayy @snake @jason @ Albert@Alexfc0645 AND Speedrezist MY CODE IS 3866-8065-0454 NickName R.O.D. hit me up i’ll add all yall. and nice to meet yall

  15. 815
    Tenken says:

    Hooray!! Finally!!

    Now just waiting for my bar to fill up!!

  16. 816
    R.O.D. says:

    Everyone else Add me code is 3866-8065-0454 hit me and i’ll add all you guys

  17. 817
    speedrezist says:


  18. 818
    Mom says:

    almost half way there

  19. 819
    Jake says:

    Halfway until im gonna b playing retro super mario!

  20. 820
    speedrezist says:

    Oh wait…. wait… could it be?

  21. 821
    Alex says:

    @speedrezist, your fc is invalid

  22. 822
    tazz says:

    Finally. Add me yall

  23. 823
    Jake says:

    Than I knew for sure at the end of the night I added 48 people to my wolfpack. :P

  24. 824
    speedrezist says:

    really!!? this si still not updating. maybe it’s cause i’m in alabama. were too low tec. for that.

  25. 825
    Ponola says:

    It’s finally come, I flipped out, for real. <3

  26. 826
    HylianZombie says:

    I like the pokedex :D

  27. 827
    Mom says:

    I added everyone. Add me if you haven’t yet.

  28. 828
    AwesomeJake says:

    This is taking awile!

  29. 829
    zeroexe43 says:


  30. 830
    CT says:

    0774-4275-8826 The update is here!!

  31. 831
    speedrezist says:

    @ alex I’ll repost after the update is finished. I cant do it while it is updating sorry.

  32. 832
    marioman says:

    OMG ITS DOWNLOADING!!!!!! TRY IT NOW!!!! ITS UPDATING OMG!!!!! TRY IT NOW! fc:3394-3604-9485

  33. 833
    speedrezist says:

    omg this is the happiest moment of my life…. on wait the second after…. anyway this is exciting.

  34. 834
    Kento says:


  35. 835
    Aaron says:


  36. 836
    NODDASMURF says:

    please add me!i added the last 40 – 50 fc’s!

  37. 837
    cuervo5150 says:

    Updating now!!!!!

  38. 838
    Tenken says:

    Just completed the update. Now off to explore for a little while. Thank you to all who added me, and if you haven’t yet….

    Let’s go!!!!

  39. 839
    speedrezist says:

    it’s finished!!!

  40. 840
    Jackie Cheng says:

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UPDATE IS LIVE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  41. 841
    speedrezist says:

    @ Alex Fc is 481169463112

  42. 842
    Alex says:

    Cool, its working now. Can’t wait to download some games!

    (fc:0645-5773-9367 add me if you wanna play DOA and SSF4)

  43. 843
    Brent says:

    its HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. 844
    NODDASMURF says:

    if any one wants to add me after this my email is : just email me your FC


  45. 845
    Lemon says:


  46. 846
    Alex says:

    @speedrezist cool, and thanks.

  47. 847
    rei says:

    ITS OUT I GOT IT!!!!!

  48. 848
    Lemon says:

    Just watched the OK Go vid for the last time … I am still on the fence as to whether or not I will miss it.

  49. 849
    marioman says:

    finished too baad internet browser is not in 3d though

  50. 850
    speedrezist says:

    did yall get my Fc?

  51. 851
    Sean says:

    Update finally!! WooooHooo!!!!

    Still add me !!! 3566-1553-6277
    waiting on:

  52. 852
    rei says:

    Tenken did you add me?

  53. 853
    Mom says:

    Error message for downloading Excitebike :(

  54. 854
    Mom says:

    never mind, it’s working now :)

  55. 855
    Sean says:

    wow we get it and the eShop is undergoing maintenance….what a shock!!

  56. 856
    marioman says:

    omg eshop is under maintainence!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. 857
    Salino says:

    got update but eshop keeps saying error is that where i get exitebike and pokedex

  58. 858
    Felonie187 says:

    Hey check now it looks like mine is updating.

  59. 859
    Jackie Cheng says:

    Yea, eShop probably is overloaded with people trying to connect to it.

  60. 860
    Mom says:

    yes, that’s where Salino. but just keep trying it’ll work

  61. 861
    Felonie187 says:

    Don’t forget to add me too 1934-0661-3630

  62. 862
    Salino says:

    lol first ps3 gets hacked like 100 different ways then there welcome back program was a clufterstuck and now this nonsense i hope my fav system the xbox 360 doesnt have any issues this year or its 3 strikes for videogames as a whole well i guess e3 is tommorrow i laugh at these companies fumbling the ball.

  63. 863
    Mom says:

    Good night everyone. Have fun. :)

  64. 864
    Tony says:

    Add me too! 2019 9729 9548. Im adding every fc i see here!

  65. 865
    PK Rockin says:

    I keep on getting error messages. Checked my internet and router, both work. Tried updating with an AC adapter plugged it, error message!

  66. 866
    Tenken says:

    @Rei: I must have missed your code. You can put it up again. Don’t worry though, I will be going through this thread and adding all.

    @Everyone: Please add me!

    Goodnight to all.

  67. 867
    Kento says:

    i get an error everytime

  68. 868
    Sean says:

    still as no go on eshop….what a waste of me staying up…..

  69. 869
    monty says:

    well, eshop may be down, but posting this on my 3DS browser is nice. :D

  70. 870
    khehreh says:

    hay i feel your pain. today had to hurt soo much for me, but if you really want to get in the store just keep trying to reload it you can get in, i’m downloading excitebike right now!
    my friend code is 4167-4512-0306
    send me an email to if you add me as a friend

  71. 871
    Salino says:

    i agree huge waste of my time cant even look in store keep getting error code random numbers this time its 005-4270 and i have to reset it every time

  72. 872
    Matt says:

    Fc is 0001-3356-5322, add me and ill add back

  73. 873
    Jackie Cheng says:

    eShop works. Downloading games now… Just keep on trying.

  74. 874
    Yuu says:

    Add me :]

  75. 875
    Sean says:

    Finally got excite bike

    FC 3556-1553-6277

  76. 876
    Johnny says:

    Add me 1676 3770 7164

  77. 877
    Kento says:

    i already beat excitebike!

  78. 878
    ValveandNintendorules says:

    how is it?

  79. 879
    Christopher says:

    When I woke up i almost cried when i saw the bar fill up…. Happiest moment of my life!

  80. 880
    goldranger51 says:

    when will the eshop come out in north america

  81. 881
    Tony says:

    The eshop is awesome!

  82. 882
    Tony says:

    Anybody want to exchange friend codes?

  83. 883
    coolcy says:

    you all are lucky guys couse I dont have 3ds but on meh B-day I get it… meh friend has 3ds yesterday I was helping to conect to the internet on skype >FT< lol

  84. 884
    Johnny says:

    My friend code is 1676 3770 7164

  85. 885
    jose says:

    y my is not updating

  86. 886
    mario says:

    hey sean & anya add me on FC 1805-2279-2955

  87. 887
    mario says:

    tony & khehreh i added you

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