Nintendo 3DS eShop launching tonight!

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The long awaited eShop for the 3DS will be launching on the evening of June 6th!  3DS owners might have noticed a SpotPass notification update on your 3DS mentioning the update.

The eShop will function similar to the stores on the Wii and DSi consoles.  At launch it will only offer more than 350 DSi games and 5 new software – three vintage 1989 games from the black-and-white Game Boy library, a 3-D enhanced version of the classic 8-bit game Excitebike and an interactive Pokémon strategy guide.

The new update will also offer an internet browser for the 3DS.

eShop games will start at $1.99 each.  Top titles like Super Mario Land will cost $3.99, and Alleyway and Radar Mission will cost $2.99.

Let’s hope that Nintendo will come out with more 3D inspired eShop games instead of just emulating classic games on the 3DS.

887 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS eShop launching tonight!”

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  2. Oh I fotgot Nintendo has confirmed 100 free stars for Nintendo 3DS eShop users who link accounts to Club Nintendo.

  3. im very excited for this but one question, what time are the starting the updated, ive tried to update my system 3 times todasy and still nothing, i know it says evening but when?

  4. Okay, now all I have to do is remove the 5 foot layer of dust off my 3DS and then I’m good. i just wanted to know if we get free points like with the DSi, i know we get Excite Bike fr free, but that’s not gonna hold me for long. Also, has anything been said yet about Mario Kart 3D, because it and Ocarin of Time are the reason I got the 3DS in the first place.

  5. Im sure nintendo will be releasing new news about the 3ds tommarrow when they have their E3 conference.

  6. Guys, Nintendo of America is in Redmond.
    Ya know, west coast.
    Still don’t have it over here in WA though…

  7. Screw Nintendo. I’m going to be. They had their shot. June 6, 2011 they said. I’ve been up waiting since midnight, like this thing was a frigging Harry Potter book. They should have just gave it to us then!!!! Dummies. Who’s idea was it to make us Americans WAIT? Um, no. We don’t wait. G’Night.

  8. ive been waiting all day. Please let me have the update. my bed time is 9:30 and i want the update. when will it come out?


  10. Don’t you just love how Nintendo is teasing us with the screen that looks like it’s updating but nothing happen. “Updating. Please Wait…” and wait and wait….

  11. Well, you gotta remember, they DID say ‘Evening PACIFIC TIME’. I’m thinking it will be here in anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. (7PM-10PM PST)

  12. I checked with my local gamestop and its 6pm pacific time which is 9pm eastern. Nearly 9:20 now and still nothing :L

  13. Nintendo, I am disappoint. We all are still waiting for this update. It’s not even in the WEST COAST. My time is CST, so I will have to wait longer. And a lot of people here are in EST, which means they will be even more tired.

  14. I don’t really know where everyone is getting the 6:00 pm PCT, because on it just says afternoon

  15. im guessing it will update at midnight at est or at 10
    since they said evening

    the wait is killing me DX

  16. AngryManAwakeWaitingForTheStoreNotComing

    Really???!!! 9:25!!!!!!!!!! I’m waiting Nintendo and this better happen soon!

  17. @drwhacko – Someone’s in the future… Let us know how the 3DS update is for us Past people….lol

  18. Hey, my daughter and I have been waiting since March 27th as well. Not sure what the friend codes are for but mine is 4339-2485-1295 if anyone wants to add a mom 🙂

  19. It’s 6:35 in Arizona…..will I have to wait till 9 to….do u think I could switch my 3ds clock to 9 and it’d update my d s?

  20. this is ridiculous ive been updating my 3ds alllllllllllllllll day and I agree wit drwhacko they said excite bike free until tomorrow well its already almost tomorrow if I don’t get this update soon im selling my 3ds and waiting for the new psp sick of nintendo screwing me with my 3ds

  21. Excitebike is free for 30day (JULY 7th not June). So claim down everyone, and Nintendo never released a time. They said “evening” PST so they havent disappointed yet. My guess is they will wait for the Sony Press conf to end and the buzz to die down. But come on, people cant wait a couple hours for the update.

  22. I am so tired of waiting… this is just ridiculous! My friend code is 3136-6572-6299… add me 🙂

  23. Oh, sharing friendcodes i see, well minds as well share mine~

    i’ll add all the listed onez 😀

  24. The wait is killing me! Ugh! It better update at 10:00 EST or else I’m gonna start throwing a fit. I’ve been waiting all day for this! lol.

  25. I don’t even know my friend code. Haven’t really touched my 3ds in about….since I bought it on launch. :/

  26. Yeaaahhh, someone not afraid to add a mom 🙂 thanks Sara, I will add you. I’ve added everyone. Will give to my daughter too.

  27. Been updating the site for the past 2 hours and saw everyone posting FC so I might as well add mine 0087 2355 4217

  28. Im giving up if they dont release it by 10. Theyve had months to do this and there waiting until the last minute? Thats bs

  29. I have every type of GameBoy except the GameBoy color. I have the original Super Mario Land and Kirby’s Dream Land cartridges, so I don’t need to buy those from the eShop.

  30. hey guys im going down the list addidng ppl, make sure you add me, once again my code is 0516 7334 1374

  31. @Pewpasurus
    Where did you hear that from? Now I’m scared to download the update. I don’t wanna get hacked. 🙁

  32. FC: 1246-8739-6583

    Hoping for the update soon. Been waiting for this for months now, so even if it’s a few more hours still then whatever haha

  33. Whew. Three more minutes until 10:00. Hopefully, none of you guys will push it back to 10:30 if it doesn’t come by then. I had a lot of laughs from reading the comments and all, but now, I’m just plain aggravated from waiting. Fingers crossed. 🙂

  34. It’s already 6:57 Pacific time and still nothing. I think it’s time to stop obsessing. Well…maybe only till midnight. I’ve added a few random people on here. Add me people. 2234-7203-4585

    Oh and @ Pewpasaurus – Where did you hear this??

  35. i added you mom and a couple of others, if anyone wants to add me, please fill free, you can never have too many friends 🙂

  36. DIDN’T WORK! I will try again later, but not sitting here watching the clock, but playing Mario Kart DS…

  37. Called Nintendo guys and they said itll be released any minute now. Dont get ur panties in a bunch theyve probably been telling that to everyone thats been calling for the last hour.

  38. I really hope it comes soon. I like most people have been waiting since day 1 and am tired of waiting. I guess to pass the time ill add my friend code 5069-3929-0704

  39. I think I’ve added everyone. 4811 6980 6874
    feel free to add me ^_^

    Nintendo needs to pull it together. lol

  40. hate to whore myself out like this. but, why the hell not? my fc is 4167-4531-5693. heres to hoping nintendo releases the update before i go to bed. /cheers

  41. Hey all! add me as well! message me with what you want me to call you when i am on on the 3ds! 0087-2371-1930

  42. Every time I attempt to update I cross my fingers, close my eyes and turn down the volume and when hope that the evil message doesn’t come up…


    Most annoying thing ever.

  43. My FC is – 3093-7072-3247

    Everyone try to add me I will try to add everyone,

    I didn’t want to get into this but none of my friends have a 3DS so,


  44. Friend Code update 4811-6980-6874

    lol, I’m like forever alone guy with 24 friends added and like 8 have added me. 😀

  45. Alright, I’ve got most of you, but there are some that I’m missing. Add me please? 😀

  46. I been waiting since May for this and I checked the website before I got the message on my 3Ds, and it said June 6th in the evening. Nintendo…… IT IS PASS EVENING. This isnt fair…. I really want the EA shop so I can get flipnotes!!!!!!! I can’t not take much longer without it.

  47. if anyone has added me (4167-4531-5693), please put in your FC and Name, otherwise i’ll have to call you by what i see from the comment.

  48. FC: 3050-7621-7695

    I just added a whole bunch of people and how can u tell when someone requests u first?

  49. ValveandNintendorules

    Just go to sleep, the update will take probably until tomorrow. The Excitebike 3D deal ends JULY 27th. If anyone is this anxious, just call Nintendo and ask and report back here. Ok?

  50. it’d be really helpful if you just got a friend request message or something of the sorts. silly nintendo.

  51. Gee, I really hope it’ll come out before 11:00. I dislike sleeping a great amount, but I have a lot of work to do this week. Here’s to wishing the system update will appear soon. C:

  52. hey wats up i’m Albert yea this update isn’t out yet right? nintendo loafin and yea my fc is 5112 3465 8656 if you wanna add =D

  53. Wow I am so mad. Thought I was the only one who got the evil message but my system is up to date. THIS SUCKS MY FRIEND CODE 1160-9719-6827

  54. wow i was just checking here for the update but since every1 is adding people heres my fc!


  55. Um so is this ever gonna come out tonight or what??? lol. I’ve been adding everybody too heres my FC= 3050-7638-0996

  56. It’s 10:30 pm now, and the e-shop was supposed to launch during the “evening”. What the hell?
    Is it because I’m in the Eastern Time Zone, and they mean evening on Pacific Time Zone time?

  57. It’s 7:40 at Nintendo of America and it’s not the evening to them. I will never understand them western folk

  58. Can’t wait for this update, even though it’s taking forever. Time for friend codes I guess. Mine is 5241-1909-1684. Add me, and I’ll do the same!

  59. Ok so Sony just announced The sony “Vita” hopefully the update will roll out soon, I heard a rumor they were going to roll it out after sony’s presentation

  60. OK EVERYONE!! If you have already put down your Friend Code then can you please not repeat. Keep all the comments on topic please. And yes we all know the update isn’t here yet. Just wait on it. They said June 6. So hopefully before midnight.

  61. PK the Hedgehog

    Ugh… Even if Sony is easily hacked at least they aren’t lazy and/or liars about system updates

  62. Nintendo posted on their FB page 35 mins ago that the update will be available “soon”. Whatever that means…

  63. @PK the Hedgehog seriously, im pretty sure Sony changed there resolution update release date about 5 or 6 times…

  64. ValveandNintendorules

    Don’t complain, and go to sleep. If you REALLY want to wait, just call Nintendo and ask what is taking so long.
    And let me get this clear: THE EXITEBIKE 3D DEAL ENDS JULY 27TH. JULY. NOT JUNE.

  65. I’m done with Nintendo. My kids skipped school today just so they could get the e-shop they have been so excited. It’s now almost 11 and I’m dead tired. I’m so upset, I’m in tears.

  66. I need the following people to add me (3093-7072-3247)

    Justin J.
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    Thats all the people that I added and they haven’t added me back yet, if you want me to add you direct a message towards me with your FC.

  67. since it sounds like its coming out at 12 in your time zone, it will be at 11 for me, yeah! still not out

  68. I have lost count how many times i have click update…..

    I have added a lot of you guys!!
    Add me – 3566 1553 6277

  69. I have lost count how many times i have click update…..

    I have added a lot of you guys!!
    Add me – 3566 1553 6277

  70. I’ve dished out so much money for nintendo if this thing doesnt go up by 11 i’m gonna loose it. my neighbors can here me screaming and throwing stuff. i’m just tired of waiting.

  71. There are still new stories being released from the Sony conf. My guess is they want to wait until everything is claim so they down get buried down the pages on gaming websites.

  72. knil1, nick, johnny, jesse, kris, jacob, nymbosox, cronoslither, and wadoo9 I added ya. My code is 3050-7638-0996

  73. Alright people, got a good response from my last post, still looking for a few people, these include:

    Justin J.
    PK the Hedgehog

  74. fuck nintedo man, you know they have just been sittin at their office not doin shit all day…release the update you motherfuckers.

  75. Whew. Nintendo (via phone) baaically said it was going to be released on the evening of June 6, 2011.

  76. i dont know about you, but nintendos image of an “evening” might be the moon being in the middle of the sky.

  77. ok now just add and if i didnt add you write ur friend code ive been on this thread all day lol 2878-9647-3769

  78. one last time for anyone who didn’t add me yet: 1246 – 8739 – 6583. Still waiting in a few people too.

  79. I’m starting to think the update is a lie. 11pm here, and we’re supposed to get the update today. At this point, it’s looking like a “tomorrow update”.

  80. calling: Will, jumpman, zeroexe, marioman, Mina, Jak, Wadoo9, ben, Brett, Zach, Jubkid, Jizzle, Fast, greg, Kodi, Floydian, Troy, Justin J., Danny, Nick, nightcrawler, Jimbob, ninmaster

    I’ve added all of you >.>
    don’t make my efforts in vain. lol
    FC: 4811-6980-6874

    *sigh* I need a hobby

  81. Oh, so, everyone else’s 3DS is also saying “This system is up-to-date”? Thank goodness, I thought my 3DS wasn’t working or something. D:

  82. I have work in the morning and I can’t wait anymore. I’m confused on what evening means now. I’ll post my fc one last time and I did add Mina and Zeroexe 5069-3929-0704

  83. Nintendo. Hold tight guys, the system update is coming soon and we will let you know as soon as it is available!

    facebook saids 58 mins

  84. This is what it said on face book about 30 minutes ago: “Hold tight guys, the system update is coming soon and we will let you know as soon as it is available!” Really? I’m getting tired!

  85. Nolegrl added u my code is 3050-7638-0996 anyone who hasnt added me yet add me and message me back with ur code nd ill add u 🙂

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  87. Damn no update yet. People add me. I just got me a 3DS 1461-6222-4681 & I’ll add you. Got SSF4 DOA & BlazeBlue.

  88. add me Isaiah, Nolegrl, Will, Ben, Majoramask, Ninmaster, Jack, Wadoo, Jacob, Marioman, Troy, Brett, Jizzle, JubKid, Floydian, Danny, Nick. my FC is3394 3563 6520

  89. Alright si I’ve added all of you that posted since 10:30, my code again is 5241-1909-1684. Add me please!

  90. I still have hope.
    Here’s how we get the update:
    Lets flood nintendo’s emails and phone :b
    (lets not. Thats mean. If you do dont blame me)

  91. @speedrezist & @Wildman34 …. I added you! 🙂 Add me!


    I will appear as ZERO. That’s my nickname. 😀

  92. @Rokon, Dude, you must be suffering! Catch some sleep atleast! You need to think about yourself more than the machine!

  93. I’m happy I have no classes tomorrow 🙂
    It may be a late night for me once we get the update.
    I remember LOVING excitebike when i was young.
    But my #1 3DS game is ocarina of time. 🙂

  94. The update has to be at midnight eastern….I am going farking crazy here!!! At least adding friends and watching E3 is keeping me entertained!!

    FC 3566-1553-6277 i have added a good amount of you guys

  95. Hey guys, you reckon there’ll be a notification when this update -finally- happens? I’ve been hittin’ the “System Update” button for ages now. xD

  96. What did you all do this past weekend? You remember it vividly? Well, some may not. 🙂
    Anyway, we all need to be patient if we can. Time flies. Enjoy the time we have waiting…and chatting here.

  97. Think of Nintendo as a Troll, the more you feed the troll what it wants, the longer it does it, We are yelling at Nintendo, they find it amusing, so, they just keep us waiting just for kicks.