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Reduce Your Expose to Mobile Phone Radiation with the Moshi Moshi 04i Handset

on April 20, 2011 6:30 am

As seen in the photo, the Moshi Moshi 04i from Native Union looks like typical docking speakers for an iPhone, but it’s really a charge/sync dock for the iPhone and a removable Bluetooth handset for making calls.  The Bluetooth handset can connect with both your computer and your iPhone for VOIP and mobile calls.  Lifting the handset automatically connects to answer a call; replacing it disconnects the call.  You can use the handset for private calls or for speakerphone calls.  And if you are worried about your exposure to cell phone radiation, you’ll like that the Moshi Moshi 04i has been shown by the TUV to reduce radiation exposure by 96%.  The Moshi Moshi 04i has a brushed aluminum face and is available in two color combinations: black/silver and copper/taupe.  It is $199.90 at Native Union.


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    Andrew Baker says:

    This is the perfect prop for a recreation of the Original StarTrek crew quarters. I can picture Kirk picking this up, while a mostly undressed randomly colored alien women walks away from frame. Of COURSE I want one.

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