TaoTronics 3-in-1 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, Fan, Dehumidifier review

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TaoTronics Portable AC 1

REVIEW – Moving from an apartment to a house automatically meant that I would need more Air Conditioners to battle the NY summer. Since my house does not have central air, window AC units were the other option. But in my kids’ room, I preferred to use a portable AC since it is much safer in terms of the kids messing around the window and I could always roll it into another room should the need arise. Enter the TaoTronics 3-in-1 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.

What is it?

The TaoTronics 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, Fan, Dehumidifier is a 3-in-1 portable unit that works with various types of windows and can easily be moved from room to room at any time.

What’s in the box

TaoTronics Portable AC 21 x TaoTronics Air Conditioner TT-AC004
1 x Exhaust Hose
1 x Window Slider Kit
1 x Drain Hose
1 x Remote
1 x User Manual

Design and features


  • Powerful Cooler: With a 10,000 BTU cooling capacity, the portable air conditioner efficiently and evenly cools spaces up to 300 sq. ft. with a maximum airflow output rate of 210 CFM
  • Customizable Airflow: Discover the full potential of your AC unit via the remote or the control panel to select from 3 fan speeds, set the temperature from 60°F to 86°F, and control the oscillating louvers, etc.
  • All-in-One Unit: The portable air conditioner serves you all year round as an AC to beat the summer heat, as a dehumidifier to reduce humidity on muggy days, and as a fan to circulate indoor air anytime
  • Ultimate Maneuverability: The space-conscious design and smooth-gliding casters provide the utmost mobility to move from room to room and cast coolness anywhere you want
  • Easy Window Installation: With a complete window venting kit to mount the exhaust hose to a window with ease; it fits most sash windows or hung sash windows
    TaoTronics Portable AC 12

Rated Voltage: 110-120V / 60Hz
Rated Current: 8.5A
Cooling Capacity: 10,000 BTU/H
Room Size: 200-300 sq. ft.

As shown in the photos below, the controls for this unit are on the top, and the exhaust hose connection, filter, air inlets, and drain outlet are on the back. The remote is a full-function remote.
TaoTronics Portable AC 3
TaoTronics Portable AC 13
TaoTronics Portable AC 4
TaoTronics Portable AC 5
TaoTronics Portable AC 18
TaoTronics Portable AC 17


Except for connecting the window slider kit and the exhaust hose, there is nothing else to do to install and start using this AC.
TaoTronics Portable AC 10
TaoTronics Portable AC 11
In my case, the adjustable part of the slider kit was too long and if I were to install it as is, it would have blocked the exhaust vent. As shown below, I had to cut the slider.
TaoTronics Portable AC 6
TaoTronics Portable AC 7
TaoTronics Portable AC 8
TaoTronics Portable AC 9
The photo below shows the AC as I installed it and the video gives you an idea of the function and sound. It is not nearly as loud as the microphone on the phone makes it sound. The only thing that I do not like about this AC is that the built-in holder for the remote is not well designed and therefore the remote keeps falling out.
TaoTronics Portable AC 19
TaoTronics Portable AC 1
TaoTronics Portable AC 3 1

What I like

  • The design
  • The build quality
  • The features
  • The ease of installation
  • The performance
  • The full-function remote control

What I’d change

  • The remote holder should be better designed.

Final thoughts

I own and have reviewed several TaoTronics products, and all of them are nicely designed and perform flawlessly. I can now say the same about this portable AC. It is very nicely designed and works well. Even in the hot NY summer, I have only needed to use it at the medium cooling level. It would be too cold on high. This is just a very nice portable AC. Once again IMHO I give TaoTronics a well done and two thumbs up!

Update 5/14/24

I reviewed this Air Conditioner in August of 2021, and it worked well until the summer of last year when I noticed that it was no longer cooling as well as it did initially. I just took it out of storage for this summer and it is just a fan. No cold air even when set to 62 degrees.

Price: $499.99
Where to buy: TaoTronics website
Source: The sample for this review was provided by TaoTronics

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  2. One hose = fail by design

    Pumping air out of the room creates a vacuum, which just draws in outside air.

    No matter how hard a 1-hose A/C works, it will always be fighting a losing battle.

    Worse, in places that have air quality concerns, the one-hose design just causes outdoor air to be drawn into the room continuously. So it degrades your air quality significantly.

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