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Sláinte! St. Paddy’s Day Music iPhone app

on March 17, 2010 10:06 am

Feeling a bit more Irish than usual today?  Hoist a pint of Guinness to your health and try out the St. Patrick’s Day Songs iPhone app available for free on iTunes.  It streams a collection of folk music and other Irish-themed songs through your data connection.  Sláinte!


  1. 1
    Des says:

    It’s St Patrick’s Day.

    If you have to shorten it – it becomes St Paddy’s Day – Paddy is the diminutive familiar form of Patrick not Patty (who is Marge’s sister).

    Flamin’ nora…

  2. 2
    paddy says:

    Here’s a tip. Patty is short for Patricia. Paddy is short for Patrick. There is no such thing as St Patricia’s Day!

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