New Macs (very soon)???

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This AM, Engadget posted a leaked picture of an Australian ad of Apple’s (hopefully soon to be released) MacBook Air, Pros and Mac Pros. If the ad is real, it appears that Apple is increasing their pricing.  Personally, I will be very disappointed if the new MBAir really is $2.4k and the rest of the Macs have actually gone up in price. A bold (& a bit crazy) move by Apple…..esp in today’s economic times. I know the processor (and potentially the screens) will be better but still. If true, I bet it’s to put greater distance (in price) between the iPad & their real computers. Hopefully it is just a decent Photoshop job and Apple will continue their trend of reducing the ‘Apple Tax’ (vs increasing it 😉 ).

6 thoughts on “New Macs (very soon)???”

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  2. I’m right there with you, Dave. Apple’s Mac prices are already significantly higher than comparable PC counterpart machines, and if they go even higher…well, that just seems like Apple would be kicking their existing customer base and making things prohibitive for future competitive conversion. If this is true, then perhaps Jobs’ megalomania may have finally caught up with Apple. The success of the iPhone and predicted success of the iPad may have pumped them full of delusions of grandeur. Then again, maybe Apple’s cultish fanboy customer base will continue to support them. And before anyone jumps on me, I’m actually in this demographic myself…for now.

  3. I am a big mac fan for years only use mac. but recently I had to buy a pc based computer to run a program, i know i could of used parraleles etc. but this program is running all day sometimes so I wanted a dedicated inexpensive machine to handle it. I have to say windows 7 is great. easy set up, nice interface, I use chrome and it is fast, fun and i never thought i would say this but this computer is really nice. oh well I hope they do not raise the price any more.

  4. @ Rowan, that is a very good point.

    My hope is that the next MBAir will have an i5 processor, 4gb of ram, 128gb SSD, ISP screen all for a semi reasonable price.

    Thanks again for pointing that out.

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