Surge protection

The Pickup Power from Quirky does the job done by most other power strips – it protects your attached devices from power surges.  It has three AC outlets and 1080 joules of surge protection.  The protection sounds good, but three outlets seem a little lacking – until you realize that the extra room that would have… Read More

You’ve seen the Quirky Pivot Power strip, haven’t you?  It’s the one that has pivoting outlets that allow power plugs and those giant AC adapters fit better, so that you don’t lose some of the outlets because of chunky adapters.  Well, the Pivot Power Genius takes this flexible strip one better.  It still bends to… Read More

Surge protectors are a necessary part of a gadget-lover’s life, but they aren’t the prettiest equipment you own.  I have an ugly gray surge protector peeping out from under my TV cabinet now.  It doesn’t blend in with the shadows under the cabinet, and it certainly doesn’t match my hardwood floors.  It could if I… Read More

If there’s any single pain that is shared by all true gadget fiends, it’s the fact that there are never, ever enough outlets to accommodate all of the power adapters and chargers for one’s gadgets.  Aluratek’s Mini Surge Dual USB Charging Station attempts to solve that problem by turning a single grounded power outlet into… Read More

If you’d like to travel with a surge suppressor but don’t have room for one in your laptop or gear bag, the Tripp-Lite travel-sized surge suppressor may  be your answer.  The Traveler3USB has three A/C outlets, with room for one large transformer without blocking the other two outlets.   It supplies 120 V A/C, 50/60 Hz, 15A… Read More

Over the years, The Gadgeteer has reviewed a couple of Kill-A-Watt products – most recently, the Kill-A-Watt EZ by Julie.  Now P3 International is offering the Kill-A-Watt PS, a powerstrip that protects your equipment while monitoring their energy usage.  Instead of monitoring a single device, the powerstrip collects data from all devices plugged in to the six regular… Read More