This surge protector has a built-in portable backup battery


The Pickup Power from Quirky does the job done by most other power strips – it protects your attached devices from power surges.  It has three AC outlets and 1080 joules of surge protection.  The protection sounds good, but three outlets seem a little lacking – until you realize that the extra room that would have had extra outlets on a common power strip contains a portable backup battery in the Pickup Power strip.  The battery pack is charged while it sits in the Pickup Power, so it’s ready for use when you pop it out and take it with you on your travels.  It’s available in two capacities.  There’s a version with a 4000mAh battery; it has a single 2.1A USB jack.  The other version is equipped with a 6000mAh battery and two 2.1A USB jacks, so you can charge two devices at once.  The Pickup Power is available in white or black.  The 4000mAh version is $99.99; the 6000mAh version is $129.99.  They are available at Quirky.

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