Camouflage your surge protector


Surge protectors are a necessary part of a gadget-lover’s life, but they aren’t the prettiest equipment you own.  I have an ugly gray surge protector peeping out from under my TV cabinet now.  It doesn’t blend in with the shadows under the cabinet, and it certainly doesn’t match my hardwood floors.  It could if I had an Invisiplug surge protector.  They come in three hardwood finishes to help them blend in with the appearance of your hardwood floors or baseboards.  The Invisiplug has a 3-ft grounded cord, master power switch, 15A circuit breaker, and is protected to 90 joules.  It’s also wall-mountable.  It’s available in light natural, medium cherry, or dark oak from Amazon for $15.99 (eligible for Prime shipping) or Lowes for $19.98.

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