FLIGE 1500w high speed hair dryer review

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REVIEW – I’ll be honest, I don’t use a hair dryer that much.  Only when I need my hair to be dry really quick.  Otherwise, I just let it air dry.  But there are 2 women in my family with long hair, and it takes them a long time to get their hair dry! My wife and daughter end up buying a new hair dryer almost every year because they wear them out from use. So the FLIGE high speed hair dryer was put to a very rigorous test!  Let’s see what happened.

What is it?

The FLIGE is a high speed hair dryer.

What’s in the box?

  • The FLIGE hair dryer
  • A cloth drawstring bag for storage
  • A magnetic air nozzle attachment


  • Dimensions: 10 in by 3.5 in by 2.75 in.
  • Cord length:  5.9 ft
  • Weight:  .84 lbs
  • Motor speed:  110,000 rpm
  • Wind speed:  23 m/s
  • Wattage power:  1500w
  • 4 heat settings
  • 2 speed settings

Features and performance

Hair dryers aren’t that difficult to understand or use.  Their purpose is to dry hair.  Pretty simple. When I go to the hair stylist to get my hair cut, she uses a professional hair dryer that dries my hair really quick.  After all, she has a schedule to keep and no time to waste, right?  I am unsure what brand she uses, but it actually looks an awful lot like the FLIGE high speed 1500w hair dryer in form and function.

At home, my wife and daughter have used regular L-shaped hair dryers for years.  You probably have one, or two, in your house right now.  They both have long hair and it takes quite a while, and several times of use, to get their hair dry.  And because they use their hair dryers so much, as I already mentioned, we usually have to get new ones just about every year because they wear them out.

So when they used the FLIGE for the first time, their initial comments were something along the lines of, ‘Wow, this feels like what they use at the salon!’.  And indeed, it does. There are only 2 buttons.  The first one switches between off/low/high for the speed.  The second button allows you to toggle between 4 heat settings from cool to hot.  As an added bonus, that button also activates the back of the dryer to glow with colors so you know when heat setting you are using.  Cool is blue, Gentle-warm is yellow, Medium-warm is orange, and Hot is red.  Here is a picture of the blue color:

FLIGE high speed hair dryer 4

At the bottom of the dryer, where the cord is attached, you will find the air inlet.  This is where the air is pulled into the dryer and then transferred up the handle to be pushed out of the business end of the dryer. Unlike most other hair dryers which pull air in the back of the hair dryer head, this method keeps the intake inlet away from your hair and prevents hair from being pulled into the intake inlet.  The air intake inlet also has a cover that is attached to the bottom of the handle with magnets, and can easily be pulled away from the handle so you can clean the mesh covering over the air intake, in the event that it gets clogged.  Then it snaps back into place.  Here is a picture of the cover pulled off the handle.

FLIGE high speed hair dryer 2

The FLIGE also comes with a flat nozzle that connects magnetically to the business end where the air comes out.  This allows you to focus the airflow a bit more.  You’ll find a buttery soft drawstring cloth bag to store your FLIGE when it needs to be put out of the way, or when you want to travel with it.  And by the way, the size and weight (less than a pound!) of the FLIGE make it ideal for traveling.  And if you have ever used a hotel hair dryer, trust me, you’ll want to take the FLIGE with you.

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Finally, let me say a word about the 1 downside that we discovered about the FLIGE hair dryer.  And this could be a big deal to some people, so let me explain.

After my wife used the FLIGE for the first time, her hair was a tangled mess.  She was a bit surprised, but then realized that when she is at the salon getting her hair done, and they drag out the fancy hair dryer (like the FLIGE), her stylist dries her hair but also has a brush that she uses to keep the hair from tangling when she is drying it.  The reality is that the FLIGE is so powerful that it can cause tangles if you aren’t careful.  Here are some before and after photos of her hair.  The photos on the left are when she used the FLIGE.  The photos on the right are after she used her old, regular hair dryer.  It’s pretty easy to see how easy it can be to get tangles with the FLIGE if your hair is prone to that.

FLIGE high speed hair dryer 8

FLIGE high speed hair dryer 7

What I like

  • Very powerful
  • Multiple heat settings and 2 speed settings
  • Nice travel bag

What I would change

  • I can’t think of anything

Final thoughts

If you want your hair dry fast, the FLIGE is for you.  It gets the job done quick. But if you have hair that easily tangles, then this hair dryer may be too powerful for you. The motor is so strong that it can easily cause tangles if you run it on the high speed setting.  The travel bag is also a nice addition because the size of the FLIGE means that it easily fits in your suitcase while traveling.  Overall, I think a price of $59.99 for this hair dryer is a good deal.

Price: $59.99
Where to buy: Amazon (Save 10% OFF with code: FLIGEDRYER10 expires 12/31/2023)
Source: The sample of this product was provided by FLIGE.

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  2. As I write this comment, the price for this hair dryer is now listed at Amazon at $99.99. No more $59.99. They raised the price just 2 days after you posted your review.

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