BACK IN STOCK! Vosteed is killing it with several super popular premium knives!

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vosteed RSKAOS2

SPONSORED NEWS – Hey EDC enthusiasts and pocket knife aficionados! Vosteed has restocked some of their premium knives which usually sell out in the blink of an eye. If you’ve been considering buying the Thunderbird G10, the Premium Titanium version, the collaborative RSKAOS designed with the renowned R.S. Knifeworks, or the sleek Mini Nightshade Premium, it’s time to go order one.

vosteed RSKAOS

Vosteed RSKAOS Knife: This knife results from a fantastic collaboration between Vosteed and R.S. Knifeworks (Rob Saniscalchi). Featuring an M390 blade, titanium handles, and a re-innovated Top Liner Lock, this knife is the epitome of the best of both worlds—offering loads of fidget factors and an impressive level of lock strength. For our opinion, check out our Vosteed RSKAOS knife review.
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vosteed Mini Nightshade

Vosteed Mini Nightshade Knife: As Vosteed proudly declares, “stay sharp, stay wild.” Sporting a distinctive leaf-shaped blade, this pocketknife comes in various lock types, openers, handle materials, colors, and blade materials and finishes. Check out our Vosteed Mini Nightshade knife review.
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vosteed Thunderbird Titanium

Vosteed Thunderbird Titanium Knife: The premium sibling of the Thunderbird G10 version, this knife boasts an innovative Trek Lock that offers myriad ways to open the blade. With a tough 3.25″ Elmax blade, a two-toned finish, and a titanium handle, it promises an enjoyable experience and effortless task completion.
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vosteed Thunderbird G10

Vosteed Thunderbird G10 Knife: For those who crave top-tier quality, the Thunderbird G10 now features a sleek 3.25” M390 blade steel, slightly smaller than the first version. Perfect for EDC lovers and knife enthusiasts, this pocket knife is stylish and practical for your daily adventures. Check out our Vosteed Thunderbird G10 knife review for our thoughts on this excellent knife.
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Don’t miss out on these top-notch additions to your collection before they sell out again! Check them out and level up your EDC game with Vosteed’s latest premium offerings. Happy slicing and dicing!

2 thoughts on “BACK IN STOCK! Vosteed is killing it with several super popular premium knives!”

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  2. I used to love this channel, but now Knifes, Gun safes are a positive thing? Now, not family friendly philosophies in the enlighten non-American western world. Go back to your roots, Palm Pilot, positive tech, not killing tools promotion. So sad, now just for the affiliate money/gun lobby ;>(

    1. Paul, I’m sorry that you feel that way, but most people who visit here use knives to cut open boxes and other things, not people. And yes, I think that gun safes are a positive thing because they keep guns safe and families safe. That’s the whole point of them. The last time we reviewed a gun safe was back in June and before that it was April of 2022. We review a WIDE variety of things. We do review and talk a lot about knives and multi-tools because people love EDC. I would love review Palm Pilots again if they were still making them 🙂

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