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Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 47

REVIEW – Got a baby? No? Need to keep an eye on something, but don’t want to stay in the same room staring at it like a hungry vulture? A full-featured baby monitor like the Annke Tivona expertly fills the gaps that streaming cameras miss.

What is it?

The Annnke Tivona Baby Monitor is a wireless,  camera and display that provides remote monitoring.

Hardware specs

  • Model: Tivona
  • Radiofrequency range: 2400-2483.5MHz
  • Operating temperature: 14-122°F (10-50°C)
  • Operating humidity: 15-85%
  • Wireless transmission 1000 feet maximum
  • Storage temperature: -14-140°F (-20 – 60°C)
  • Monitor:
    • 5-inch TFT LCD
    • Storage video resolution: 1920 x 1080 resolution
    • Screen resolution: 854 x 480
    • Camera modes: Single, dual, quad mode
    • Image zoom: 1.5x, 2X
    • Interface: USB-C
    • Power: 5V, 2A
    • 4000mAh internal battery
    • Battery life:  ~8 hours, Standby:  ±14 hours
    • Supports connections to up to four cameras
    • Supports two-way intercom
    • Power consumption: 4.3 watts
  • Camera:
    • ¼” image sensor
    • 60° (±5°) viewing angle
    • 5-meter infrared range
    • Interface: USB-C
    • Two-way intercom
    • Power: 5V, 1A
    • Effective pixels: 1920 x 1080
    • Minimum Illumination: >6 lux with infrared off, <3 lux with infrared on
    • Rotational angle: 310° pan, 50° tilt
    • Temperature detection range: 32-104°F (0-40°C) ±1°
    • Power consumption: 3.8 watts

What’s in the box?

  • Annke Tivona Baby Monitor
  • LCD monitor
  • 3-meter USB-A to USB cable
  • 2-meter USB-A to USB-C cable
  • Two USB power adapters
  • User manual

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 03

Design and features

The Annke Tivona arrives in a full-color box. It’s ok if you say, “Awwww!” when you see the sleeping baby. I confess I did.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 01

The contents are safely protected in lightweight molded plastic.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 02

The manual is very well written and illustrated.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 33

There are two USB-A power supplies, one is a skosh bigger. The larger of the two is the 2-Amp power supply for using and charging the monitor.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 31

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 04

There are two USB-A to USB-C cables. One is three meters (9’1”) and one is 1.2 meters (47 inches). Both have bright warning labels. For the love of God, please use extreme caution routing the cables to ensure they don’t snake their way anywhere near your bambino, cat, fan, grill

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 32

Both the camera and monitor are equipped with USB-C sockets.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 34

The Annke Tivona Baby Monitor’s base has a 1/4-20 mounting nut in the base for ceiling or tripod use.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 29

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 28

The back of the Annke Tivona Baby Monitor carries the antenna, pairing button, and USB-C socket.  The camera doesn’t have an internal battery, but a portable power supply could be used if your needs are temporary.  “Temporary?” you ask. Yep! I can imagine using the Tivona to watch a mischievous dog in the backyard, the front porch for an important package, or the water level filling a pool.  Why not use a home security camera? I don’t want my phone to exclusively stream video am almost always multitasking something.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 35

The little tail is the temperature sensor.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 30

The camera is mounted on a motorized base for remote positioning.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 05

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 36

Camera aiming is done with the cursor buttons on the monitor. The others are “Brightness/Volume,” “Three Bars” (menu),” OK,”1|2” (camera select), and Pressing the “OK” button digitally zooms the camera image to 1.5x and 2x. The cursor and arrow buttons do double duty when accessing the menus.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 38

The “Microphone” button is press-to-talk for two-way voice communications.  There’s a slight delay and it works well despite limited fidelity from the small speaker. I would have liked to see a provision to disable the camera’s microphone when using it’s not needed, but it’s easy enough to turn the volume off on the monitor.

Monitor microphone…

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 50

The back of the Annke Tivona Baby Monitor has an integrated kick-stand and the receiving antenna flips up to maximize range.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 40

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 39

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 11

A status LED changes from red to white when complete. Initial charging took about an hour to reach full capacity. From dead to a satiated battery took about four hours and 30 minutes using the 1 Amp charger and I expect it will be about half the time larger one.  I measured eight hours and 40 minutes of video time. Very nice.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 14

To power the monitor, press and hold the power button for three seconds and this happy cherub will greet you. “Awwww” again!

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 42

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 09

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 41

The Annke Tivona Baby Monitor is pre-paired with the monitor and connects in about 10 seconds. Three more can be added and pressing the “1|2” button toggles the display between each camera, two, or four at once. I had only one camera so I only used single-image mode.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 15

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 43

The top left shows an icon indicating the wireless connection is present, the camera that’s currently selected, and a meter with a visual indication of the sound levels in the room. Towards the upper right, the camera’s temperature, the time, and battery level. Icons for Sound detection, temperature alerts, feeding timers, monitor sleep mode, and motion detection will appear when in use.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 44

At the bottom, the current date and time.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 45

To the left of the screen, is a set of buttons. The first button opens a pop-up for adjusting the brightness with the up and down arrow buttons, and volume with the left and right.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 56

The “Three Lines” button opens the menus, starting with the “Lullaby”. There are five different tunes to soothe a fussy room dweller. Interestingly, the first two sound like the themes from Hayao Miazaki’s movies (“Castle in the Sky” and one I couldn’t quite place). The remaining three we unfamiliar, but peaceful. Each plays for 20 seconds to about a minute and plays again, or all five can be played and repeated sequentially.  Five volume levels are available, but I found the music was a little distorted at the top level.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 18

Moving through the menus, next, the voice detection levels can be adjusted. When active and the monitor is in standby mode, sounds will turn the monitor on and produce a beep. This is a useful mode when caretakers want to grab some shuteye without leaving the monitor on.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 19

Temperature alerts can be as low as 32°F (0°C) and as high as 104°F (40°C).

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 25

Feeding timers provide notifications when to nourish your bundle of joy.  Or… do you need an alert to check those. bar-be-que ribs every ten minutes?  Tivona can do that with a custom timer.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 20

The “Monitor Sleep” mode turns the monitor off after the specified time.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 57

“Motion Settings” detect motion present in the camera’s field of view and activate the display with an accompanying beep.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 21

The final menu page opens the “System Settings.”  Time and date, camera pairing, alert volume, language (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese), system restore, firmware, and “Image Setting” (image flip for ceiling mounting and day/night/automatic) are all configurable.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 22

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 24 e1678052475670

“Frequency and Wifi” allow changing the refresh frequency should the observer see any flickering (50 or 60Hz).  Here, the term Wi-Fi is a misnomer – the system operates in the 2.4GHz range (similar to 801.11b/g), but does not connect to home Wi-Fi.

“Region” adjusts the system to comply with local laws and includes designations for FCC (USA) EU (Europe), MKK (Japan), and Other (Turbo). Please be sure this is correct or you might get a visit from the Federal Communications Commission (or other law enforcement agency), possibly a substantial financial penalty, and/or jail time. Not worth the risk.

A huge security benefit is Annke’s use of FHSS (Frequency-hopping spread spectrum). This transmission method changes the camera’s carrier frequency by a code known to the transmitter and receiver and makes it difficult to intercept and jam and is less prone to interference.  Because this system does not use Wi-Fi and has a range of about 1000 feet (300 meters), it’s not going to be hacked from halfway across the country… or the planet.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 23

During my tests of the Annke Tivona Baby Monitor,  I was able to receive a stable signal through walls and even inside a car four houses away (about 800 feet). I do not doubt that the Tivona would be able to transmit to the full 1000 feet in unencumbered, line-of-sight ideal conditions.

Perhaps the best feature is the ability to pan the camera 310° pan and tilt 50°. Motion is quite smooth with no jumps or skips and the motors are quiet enough that they shouldn’t trigger your toddler to tussler.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 55

The camera is equipped with infrared “night vision.” By default, switching between the “day” and “night” modes is automatic, but can be changed in the setup menu. “Night” mode is black-and-white. The photo is long exposure and the LEDs are visible as dim red dots with the naked eye.

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 27

Day mode…

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 13

Night mode…

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 12

The digital zoom works reasonably well, but there was a decrease in image quality as expected.

Normal zoom…

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 52

1.5x zoom…

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 53

2x zoom…

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 54

What I like

  • FHSS communications for added security
  • Always on monitoring without tying up my phone
  • Motion, temperature, sound, alerts
  • Countdown timers
  • Remote control camera aiming

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 46

What I would change

  • Add a switch on the camera to turn off the microphone for privacy.

Final thoughts

Annke Tivona Baby Monitor 10

The Annke Tivona baby monitor is an excellent supplement to my existing home security system, as well as being dandy for supervising stuff that may need immediate attention. Integrated temperature monitoring, long-range reception, and always-on video are ideal for guarding my 3D printer, and, it doesn’t monopolize my phone! Thank you, Annke!

Price:   $119.00. from Annke, $79.99 from Amazon
Where to buy: Annke, Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was supplied by Annke.

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