This light transforms from a lantern into a flashlight in a jiffy!

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NEWS – The NEBO Big Poppy is a goofy name for a light with multiple uses. Use it as a 300-lumen lantern while you’re in nature on a camping adventure, or use it at home when the power goes out. There’s even a mode to switch from a white light lantern to a flickering flame for a more cozy feel. Then when you hear something big stomping around your tent in the middle of the night, collapse the Big Poppy into a 120-lumen spotlight flashlight and see if it’s Bigfoot is looking for a late-night snack. The NEBO Big Poppy rechargeable light is $45.99 and they will even throw in an EdisonBright USB reading light when you order from Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “This light transforms from a lantern into a flashlight in a jiffy!”

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  2. Looks interesting, but after buying a flashlight that had a battery to be recharged in the unit That was the last time. All my flashlights take AA or AAA now. Much easier to carry and buy backup batteries.

    1. I don’t understand the reluctance to get a rechargeable battery flashlight these days. They are vastly superior to AA and AAA batteries in every measure (except the oft-cited ubiquity).

      Case in point: I reviewed a light a few years back that my then-wife enjoyed. When we separated, she took it with her. I had been recharging the batteries every six months, just to keep things going since she used it all the time. She moved out in January 2021, and last week (21 months later!), we were talking and she said “Oh, yeah that light stopped working, and the guy at the battery store said they were rechargeable. I told him, ‘No, I’ve never recharged them.’ Are they rechargeable?” It took almost 2 years of fairly regular use to discharge the lithium batteries, and they only went flat because she didn’t know they needed to be charged!

      The little camping light I reviewed in 2016 ( has been recharged maybe four times.

      Modern battery technology is better and more robust than lead acid batteries, and lithium batteries never, ever leak. I’ve had so many 2- or 3-year-old lights get ruined by batteries corroding in the trunk or glove box of a car that I no longer ever want them. Give me lithium LEDs any day!

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