LaundryJet – because doing laundry sucks

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NEWS – Let’s face it, doing laundry sucks.  It gets especially bad if you have a big house, and kids and have to track down their grimy duds and schlep them to and from the laundry room.  That’s where Laundry Jet comes in.

Laundry Jet is a custom system that gets installed in your home that literally sucks your laundry from wherever it is and delivers it to your laundry room.

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The core of the system is one of two models that provide the suction to pull the laundry.  Then, you install four to eight manual or automatic ports throughout your home, depending on the system.  These are connected with piping that transports the clothes, bedding, towels, and other laundry items from bedrooms and such, delivering them right to where your washer sits.

Your Laundry Jey system can even be customized with a single return unit that can transport your clean clothes to a central distribution point, eliminating the need to carry anything.  Of course, all the folding and hanging is still up to you since Foldimate never came to fruition.

Unfortunately, since every installation is custom, there is no pricing available as every quote is unique.  I’m guessing that it isn’t cheap. Interested? Check out the Laundry Jet website for all the details.

8 thoughts on “LaundryJet – because doing laundry sucks”

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  2. Nooooooooo
    I would rather carry laundry baskets to the basement than deal with sleuthing for unmatched socks, lost underwear or torn sheets.
    Can this system handle jeans?
    Nightmares of torn clothes, blocked piping and lost garments fill my mind.

    1. According to their website, the system supports heavy items like sheets and blue jeans without issue. Losing items shouldn’t be an issue as it takes items point to point. But who knows?

  3. clothes chute from bathroom to laundry room

    delivery via gravity

    one time instruction for use and a warning regarding development of their own laundry skills

    started as soon as they could comprehend
    worked until they moved away

    1. We did that in our two-story home as well, from the kids’ bathroom on the upper floor directly into the laundry room below. But, the Laundry Jet works in single-story homes as well. It certainly isn’t for everyone but is an intriguing, and I’m sure, expensive option.

  4. Natasha Hughes

    Pretty soon I will be out of a job if foldimate becomes sentient AI.
    I am a laundry attendant. 10years of folding and fluffing.

  5. Victor Hastings

    Why are laundry rooms so far from the dirty laundry? My next house will have the washer -dryer hookups in the MBR closet

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