Pitaka will open orders for their new iPad mini charging case and stand on June 1st

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NEWS – On June 1st, 2022, Pitaka will launch its new MagEZ line of magnetically/wirelessly charged iPad mini charging accessories. The MagEZ case system adds wireless charging to the iPad mini.

When it comes to attention from case designers, the basic iPad (the 9th Generation) and the iPad Pros hog all the limelight, (just do a search for “iPad cases” and you will see how many cases there are for the mini!) The iPad mini has a pretty large and loyal user base, but not too many variants of cases for this little guy show up in the wild. Pitaka thinks maybe more folks would use minis if there was a way to provide wireless charging, as well as provide better protection for the Mighty Mite. Their answer is a sturdy, armored case that has pins similar to Apple’s Smart Connector on the back.

The case is made from 1500D aramid fiber and embedded with airbags around all corners.

The pins are used to provide charging to the iPad mini, but the case also has magnetic properties that will allow it to be held up in a multi-positional stand.

Using the stand, the case, and a Bluetooth keyboard, and a mouse, you have a light, fairly compact workstation. It could be left in the corner of your office for occasional notes while the mini is charging for the next day, or a place to sit and bang out the thoughts you had while walking the dog.

Or you could just take the iPad mini along, and plug in the Pita!Flow charger anywhere, and snap it to the back of your iPad mini, while you’re reading the news or checking the weather for your bike ride home.

We’ve been sent preview models of this new Pitaka MagEZ iPad Mini accessories and will have a review for you soon, so stay tuned! But if you’re wanting to place a pre-order, head over to their site. The case and a charging puck are $79.00, while the stand (which has an integrated charging pad) is $129.00. Available in any color you want, as long as it’s black.

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