Move over adjustable dumbbells, adjustable kettlebells are coming for you!

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NEWS – If you’re a fitness buff then I’m sure you’ve seen the adjustable dumbbells from companies like Boflex NordicTrack. If you’re more of a kettlebell person and would like the same functionality, you should check out the adjustable kettlebell from Kettlebell Kings. Their adjustable kettlebell has removable plates that let you customize the weight from 10 lbs up to 40 lbs. It’s very affordable at only $139.99. Kettlebell Kings also sells a competition style adjustable kettlebell that goes from 12 to 32kg and it’s $309.99. Visit Kettlebell Kings for more info. You can also find many other options on Amazon for much less!

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  2. Fixed dumbbells and kettlebells all the way, for me. No stuff that gets loose or rattle around. Done the adjustable dumbbells in the long past. It doesn’t take that much space a little row of fixed dumbbells and kettlebells…

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