Leatherman Tool Pouch review – A new home for my multi-tools

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REVIEW – Ok, I admit I’m a Leatherman multi-tool fanboy. I’ve had one in my EDC since 1984 when the PST was released and use these wonderful tools every day. But what to do when they aren’t being used? Give your multi-tools a home with the Leatherman Tool Pouch!

What is it?

The Leatherman Tool Pouch is a small zippered ballistic nylon bag with a pocketed interior for organizing and carrying small items.

Hardware Specs

  • Dimensions: 6.25 x 3.625 x 1.5 inches (158.8 x  92.1 x 38.1mm)
  • Weight 2.1oz (59.5g)
  • Seven internal pockets
  • YKK anti-theft zipper
  • Recycled PET nylon shell

What’s in the Box?

  • Leatherman tool pouch

Design and Features

The tool pouch arrived in familiar Leatherman yellow and black packaging.

The only thing in the box is the Tool Pouch (and a little desiccant pouch if you want to count it 😀 ). The outside of the pouch is strong ballistic nylon.

The zipper is YKK and feels satisfying and secure.

The zipper opens about ½ of the sidewalls of the Leatherman tool pouch. I would have liked it if they opened a little further to make loading and fishing errant bits from the bottom of the smallest pockets easier.

For added security, the zipper pull can be tucked into a little loop on the side of the pouch.

There’s a loop on the back for hanging the Tool Pouch.

On the back of the pouch, there are three strong loops for attachment to molle straps or belt loops.

Internal divided pockets are ideal for pens and other bits and bobs.

The largest pockets on each side will fit two multitools each. Fully loaded, the Tool Pouch can get heavy! I wouldn’t want to carry all of this stuff in my pockets!

Alternatively, some of the smaller pockets are well-sized for a multitool or bit kit.

Resting in the center, there is just enough room for an iPhone 12 Pro with a battery case attached. If your goal is to carry your phone in this pouch, I recommend using caution about having hard items in the pockets facing your phone’s screen lest you have an unpleasant surprise.

Leatherman has been known for making quality multi-tools. I’ve carried one since college when I bought the original PST at Cutlery World to lighten my backpack load. I haven’t been without one since. I have several Leatherman tools, that I rotate depending on my daily technical needs. There are plenty of days that what I have in my pockets is enough to accomplish what I need to do for the day, but If I anticipate needing a bit more, it can get heavy and disorganized quickly. I have a tool pack, but oftentimes, it’s overkill. I think Leatherman’s Tool Pouch is a great place in between EDC and full tools.

What I like

  • Extremely well made.
  • Internal pockets to keep items organized.

What I would change

  • A longer zipper to allow the pouch to be opened wider.

Final Thoughts

As with all Leatherman products, their Tool Pouch is made with outstanding quality and craftsmanship. The pouch solidly fills the void between my “daily carry” and “I need my full tool pack.” It’s a great place to store my multi-tools when they are not in use, and now my boys have a home! Check out our other Leatherman-related multi-tool and accessory reviews.

Price: $29.95
Where to buy:  Leatherman and you can find other Leatherman pouches on Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was supplied by Leatherman.

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11 thoughts on “Leatherman Tool Pouch review – A new home for my multi-tools”

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  2. Nice. But I only have one Leatherman… the Surge!! I EDC it so I have no use for this. When I hit the lotto I’ll add this to the cart when I buy everything Leatherman has in production!! Good read.

    1. “When I hit the lotto.” No kidding! When I saw the price, I actualy exclaimed out loud, “Thirty dollars?!?”

      That’s an incredibly high price for such a simple little thing, and I’ll add the comment below- “When does it go on sale?” Not, “when is it available for sale”, but when does it GO ON sale?”

      I might buy this for ten bucks, but you should have included the price in your ‘what you would change’ column. Oh, wait, you got yours for free, so no complaints from you! :*P


    2. I’d never buy Leatherman again back in 2003 I broke the tip of my Leatherman Super tool opening ammo boxes. When I got back from Iraq called them and as about their warranty.
      I was told that it would not be covered under their warranty as the tool being used in combat was not what it was intended for. Anti-military company no thanks can’t support the troops I’ll go to someone who will.

      I Found SOG tools never looked back broke a blade messed around with it called asked about a new blade they sent me the blade and all-new tools for free shipping also. Had a SOG for almost 20 years.

      Told Leathermen is better but they could not help put a poor E-2 in his time of need! A lot like another American company that is anti-military/anti-second Amendment company Benchmade.

  3. Good article! Also, check out the Maxpedition Barnacle (my personal one) and the Maxpedition Micro Pocket

    I have always been a fan of their durability and style and I an can easily attach them to whatever I need to, if I need to.

  4. Thirty bucks ain’t bad for a quality a quality dedicated piece of gear. It’s specialized or customized for this purpose, that is a little extra. Very worth it if you need a case just like this one. I don’t have one, all my pouches are squared away… Well except for … Crap. Sign me up I need one.

  5. but now when you lose it you’ve lost all your multitools in one go. would have preferred it in high viz – maybe their yellow with grey letters

    But lots of products in this space, don’t really see it adding anything new. some of the smaller manufacturers are putting out a much nicer feeling product. Garage Built Gear for example.

  6. With only one loop to attach to your belt, it will flop around a lot. However, it would fit nicely on a backpack shoulder strap that has (MOLLE) loops running vertically. I still use my leather PST belt pouch; 10 yrs old and plenty sturdy; quicker and easier to open a snap than a zipper with one hand.

  7. You can get a HUSKY clip on tool pouch at Home Depot for around $9.00 that’s large enough for a Samsung S 10 in the large zipper pouch or multiple tools and also has a smaller pouch with velcro flap…

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