Your scooter is too slow (and so is mine)!

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segway gt

CROWDFUNDING NEWS – Last year I reviewed an electric scooter by MICROGO.  It’s top speed was 18.5 MPH, which I thought was plenty fast.  I was wrong.  I need a scooter that is way faster, and so do you.  Or at least that’s what the good folks at Segway believe.  Yeah, that Segway.  The boring, weird, never-really-very-popular scooter-maker Segway.  They are back with an Indiegogo campaign for a pair of new scooters.  One has a top speed of 37 MPH and the other 43.  43 MPH on a scooter!  Holy moly!  That must feel like you’re flying!  And like you’re one rock-in-the-road away from a face-planting crash that might just seriously injure you.  But if you have no fear and at least $3500 burning a hole in your pocket, go check them out!

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