Gadgeteer team – gear we’re using in 2022 (Steve Holt)

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ARTICLE –  I drive to work every day to my office, so working from home is very rare for me.  A bad snow day here and there will dictate that, but for the most part, I spend my time in my car and in my office. So here is the gear that has made it to that ‘every day’ list of items I can’t do without. I hope you enjoy this article and read the rest of this series when you’re done.

Leacarve leather briefcase – I use the Leacarve every day to carry my gear back and forth to the office. I have used it for almost 4 years now and nothing has broken on this bag. Every zipper, strap, snap, pocket, etc, is still in great shape and it looks just as good as new. I love this bag cause it looks good in any setting.

leacarve leather briefcase 1

Keysmart Pro – In my pocket for the last 4 years you will find the Keysmart Pro. I love the minimalist design and the built-in LED light, which comes in handy more times than you would realize. I can’t remember what life was like without this one!

keysmart pro 6

Kenu Airframe+ (leather edition) – I have used the Kenu Airframe products ever since the 1st generation, which was 7 or 8 years ago. It is the best phone mount for a car that I have ever used. When I wear one out, I get another one.  I give them as gifts too because they are so affordable. Every time I get in the car (which is several times every day) my cellphone goes on the Kenu. And every time I travel in another car, like a rental, I take the Kenu with me.

kenu airframe plus leather 4

Choetech 15,600 mAh battery bank – also in my car is the Choetech power bank. Most car charging ports aren’t worth a dang, so I have just always kept a portable power bank in the car for charging my phone (since I spend a lot of time there, as I mentioned). I have had the Choetech for almost 7 years and still love it for its compact size and multiple ports, so it can be shared with others in the car.

choetech dual usb battery pack 2

Bluetooth headsets/earbuds – I talk on the phone every day. A lot. I mean, like, at home and in the car and at work.  If I run to a store or do some errands, I have a Bluetooth headset on my ear. So I have a lot of Bluetooth devices to help me along and I keep one at home, in the car, and at the office. So here are the 2 that I am using every day right now…

Plantronics Voyager 5200 – I have used the Plantronics Voyager for years and it has always been one of my favorites, so I generally get the newest one when it comes out.  I have one of these at home and another one that stays in the car. The battery life, voice prompts, and call quality is great.  I haven’t reviewed this particular version of the Voyager, so here is a stock photo of the headset and the charging case that comes with it.

plantronics voyager 5200
Plantronics 5200

Tribit FlyBuds earbuds – I wasn’t crazy about everything regarding the FlyBuds (as you can read in the review). They were relegated to a backup set of Bluetooth headphones/earbuds but I found a daily use for them.  These are the Bluetooth earbuds I keep in my office because most of the time I am sitting still at my desk working, so because I don’t have to move around a lot the FlyBuds work fine. So I keep these on my desk in my office every day.

tripbit flybuds C2 earbuds 1

HP Envy laptop & SideTrak Swivel Monitor – The Leacarve briefcase has a padded area for my HP Envy laptop that goes with me daily. And the gadget I had no idea I needed in my life is the SideTrak Swivel monitor. You can see both in the picture below. The SideTrak is thin and light enough to go in the briefcase with me daily because I never know when it will be needed. It comes in very handy in meetings because it can be used to face the other person instead of having to sit side by side with someone.  Read the review to see all the wonderful things I do with the SideTrak!

sidetrack 1

Logitech Wireless Presenter Remote – I do a lot of speaking and presenting, so I use the Logitech Remote a lot, and it stays in my Leacarve briefcase at the ready. The batteries last forever and fits nicely in the hand, and I can’t really do an effective presentation without one.  I have never done a review on it, so here is a stock photo.

Logitech Wireless PresenterI hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the gear that I use every day. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below and I hope that you will consider reading the rest of this series on The Gadgeteer.

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