The Assled is a wearable sled for fun in the snow

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NEWS – I have a confession to make. I’ve never been sledding before. I’ve skied (badly), but I’ve never been on a sled. This is mainly because it was completely flat around my house where I grew up, so sledding just wasn’t a thing. My sledding days are past me at this point, but if you’ve ever wanted to go sledding but would rather not drag a sled up a hill, there’s another option with the Assled from Snowfeet. The Assled is a wearable sled that lets you slide down a snow-covered hill on your badonkadonk aka ass (be sure to check the video below to see it in action).

The Assled can be folded up and easily carried. It easily straps around your ass and thighs to create a padded and aerodynamic wearable sled for kids and adults. The Assled is available in yellow or blue and is priced at $99.90 from the Snowfeet store and for a little more from Amazon.

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9 thoughts on “The Assled is a wearable sled for fun in the snow”

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  2. ahh…glorious childhood memories

    we had an alleyway that was precipitous, to say the least

    it was a favorite sledding spot because if you nailed it and weren’t smashed by cross traffic it was possible to travel two or three city blocks

    most of us had flexible flyers but there was one disc and the kid that rode it would strap it to his butt with twine

    it takes some effort to steer a disc and i never did figure how to stop one…he didn’t either

    thankfully in those days boys were expected to have handkerchiefs because there was an awful lot of blood from crashes resulting from a “sled” you couldn’t get away from

    anyway…just a first impression 🙂

    btw…my boys thought flexible flyers were oh so passe
    they used sheets of cardboard and rode them like this “sled”

    the nice thing is they weren’t 100usd to use

  3. Uhm Julie, I tried to watch the video after reading the post and I still don’t get it. Perhaps, you can do a demo video? Please?
    Thanks. You are the best.

  4. We used to steal trays from the cafeteria at university to slide down hills like this. It wasn’t strapped to our bodies, but it was just as much fun as this looks to be! I miss college in the mountains!
    Everytime snow was in the forecast, the Administration would take trays out of the cafeteria and replace them with styrofoam To-Go boxes.

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