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ARTICLE – While I’ve been mostly working from home for nearly the past two years, there are still a handful of EDC items I try to keep nearby and on my person when venturing out into the wide world.  As a biomedical engineer and office dweller, my EDC kit needs are generally light and minimalist, which are reflected in my choice of items listed below.  (I also just noticed I tend toward a dominant color)

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  1. Lumintop Tool AAA Flashlight – This small but powerful flashlight has been in my EDC kit ever since I reviewed it.  I like its pocket clip and water resistance, but my favorite feature is its clicky on/off button since I don’t care for twist-style flashlights.  I added a small side-release buckle that can I connect to a lanyard if needed.  (Lumintop.  Buy here for $15.99)
  2. Fisher Space 400B Matte Black Bullet Space Pen with Matte Black Clip, GORUCK edition – A favorite of EDC practitioners across the globe for decades, the venerable Fisher Space Bullet Space Pen has been in my EDC kit for years.  Its small size, pressurized ink cartridge, and pocket clip are some of my favorite features.  The version I carry has the logo of GORUCK, my favorite fitness gear, and events company.  (Fisher.  Buy here for $26.19)
  3. Leatherman Squirt PS4, Black – This is yet another item that’s been in my EDC kit for years.  I like its small, compact size and that it packs both a small pair of pliers and a small pair of scissors among many other tools.  (Leatherman $39.95)
  4. Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS 44mm) in Space Grey with Sport Band – I wore a Garmin fenix 3HR for several years.  It was indestructible, but I had always been frustrated with its poor integration with my iPhone.  My family convinced me to buy an Apple Watch and I’ve never looked back.  It’s a true smartwatch in every sense and perfectly integrates with my iPhone.  I use it every day to track workouts and more.  I’m currently sporting the Infograph Modular that I customed to display the data I use most often, plus a gold & black color scheme (Boiler Up!).  (Apple. I don’t think the Series 6 is still sold by Apple.  You may be able to find it on the secondary market.)
  5. ZAGG GlassFusion 360+ Apple Watch Series 6 44mm – When I bought my Apple Watch, the only concern I had was it seemed very delicate and would damage easily.  I wanted both a glass screen protector and a protective case, so I searched high and low and found this.  The screen protector is a hybrid of glass on the main front face and polymer around the edges.  It was fairly easy to install though it took some time to work out all the bubbles, it fits perfectly.  The case is thin enough to provide some protection against scrapes and light bumps, but it keeps the aesthetic shape and size of the Apple Watch intact.  I’ve used this product for several months now, through daily life and some hardcore workouts, and it has performed like an absolute champ.  (ZAGG. $39.99)
  6. My Saint My Hero Benedictine Blessing Bracelet, Silver – As a practicing Catholic, my Faith is integral to my life.  This bracelet is a sacramental, or a reminder of my Faith.  It bears images in remembrance of St. Benedict, whom we ask to petition God on our behalf for His protection from evil.  (My Saint My Hero.  Buy here for $29.50)
  7. In Via Solder of Christ Crucifix – Related to the bracelet described above, this necklace bears the image of Jesus on one side and a crusader on the other side.  It’s a very detailed, unique design and was created and cast in the USA by a very talented Catholic artist and jewelry maker. (In Via. $54.00)
  8. Apple iPhone XR – While this work-issued iPhone doesn’t have the latest, greatest specs, it has daily served me well for over two years.  I’m currently sporting a wallpaper with the image of “The Traveler” from the game Destiny that has a gold & black color scheme (Boiler Up!).  (Apple. I don’t think the iPhone XR is still sold by Apple,  You may be able to find it on the secondary market, or just buy a newer model.)
  9. OtterBox Pursuit Case for iPhone XR, Black – When I bought my iPhone XR, I wanted a case with a high level of protection yet wasn’t too thick and looked tough.  This case checked all those boxes for me. It’s not as bulky as the OtterBox Defender but is still very protective. (OtterBox.  I don’t think the Pursuit Case is still sold by OtterBox, but you can buy it here for $39.95).
  10. Groove Life Groove Ring Zeus Edge Midnight Black Ring – I never take my wedding band off.  But my actual wedding band can sometimes be a bit painful during the type of fitness training, which involves a lot of lifting and carrying heavy objects.  I previously bought a cheap silicone wedding band online, but the Groove Life Zeus caught my eye for its hybrid design and breathability, plus it is wider than any other band I could find, which I like.  It’s been super comfortable and taken all sorts of beatings.  (Groove Life.  $49.95)
  11. SlimFold MICRO SoftShell Wallet, Black/Gray – This minimalist is small but durable and has been in my pocket and my EDC since I reviewed it. It’s small, holds a few cards and bills, is waterproof, and super slim.  I like bi-folds and don’t care for card case-style wallets, so this one has been a good fit for me.  This is the non-RFID version, so if I were to ever need to replace this one, I would update it to the RFID version, or possibly the NANO Soft Shell. (SlimFold.  Buy here for $54.00)
  12. 550 cord paracord bracelet, gold & black  –  I’ve worn a 550 cord bracelet off and on for several years, and while I’ve never actually needed 550 cord in an emergency, it’s good to know I have some handy.  This is just a generic one I purchased in a gift shop on vacation a few years ago.  I liked it because of its weave pattern and its gold & black color scheme (Boiler Up!).

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