Take your office on your next adventure

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NEWS – Working from home (WFH) is no longer a novelty thanks to COVID. But what about working from your campsite or backyard? The Helinox Tactical Field Office is an interesting combination of a 15-liter cargo bag for all of your gear and a folding table/desk. It looks cool, right? But hold on a sec… As cool as this bag/table looks, the table itself is only 16 inches high making it only useable if you sit on the ground or you’re only 3 feet tall. Then there’s the issue of cost. It’s $199.99! Yikes! Still interested? Head over to Helinox.com for more info and you can find a lot of their other gear on Amazon.

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      1. at one time i was looking to build campaign/safari furniture and came across some very interesting ideas

        the surplus military desks are clever
        but even as “antiques” the few i found were pretty spendy

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