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ARTICLE – I’ve worked from my home office as a software developer since 2000. Today is my turn to share the gear I’m using in 2022.

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In 2022 I’ll be updating my primary PC as well as doing something with these ugly walls.

I’m still rocking an old Intel Core i7-6700 computer with 48GB of RAM as my primary PC, which I hope to replace this year. I’m still using my 40″ AOC 4K monitor as my primary monitor. However, I have recently replaced my aging 30″ monitors with two Samsung UJ59 32″ 4K monitors. I’m also still loving the Lepow 14 inch FHD 1080P IPS computer monitor I reviewed in 2021. I am also still using the Motile 14-inch laptop that I reviewed in 2019.

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My Nomad Base Station is still going strong, keeping my phone topped off when needed.

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One of the primary things that I’ll be using in 2022 is the Markforged Mark Two continuous fiber composite 3D printer that I was fortunate to be able to review. This excellent printer has brought new opportunities to what I can design and print. Markforged keeps improving the software, and I hear something special is coming soon. I hope to do a follow-up on my review in the next few months.

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Perhaps one of my most used review items has been the Cyansky HS6R triple output rechargeable headlamp. This headlamp has spent dozens of hours upon my head while working on vehicles and household repairs. Still bright, still awesome.

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