2 weeks from now, we’ll get all the Pixel 6 details!

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NEWS – In 2 weeks we’ll learn everything there is to know about the Pixel 6 – not that there’s much left to learn that we don’t already know at this point as Google hasn’t kept many secrets.

I haven’t used a Pixel as my daily driver since the Pixel 2 XL three years ago and I haven’t had any Android phone as my daily driver since early last year when I was using the Huawei P30 Pro.

Last year during the spring, I got a wild idea to buy an iPhone 11 Pro Max and made the jump to iOS due to pandemic boredom. I then upgraded to the iPhone 12 Pro Max last fall and then two weeks ago I upgraded again to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I have enjoyed using iOS during this time, but now it’s time to see what Android has to offer again and get my hands on the Pixel 6.

Head over to the Pixel Fall Launch page for a fun music break and a tiny sneak peek and add the event to your calendar so you won’t miss it.

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13 thoughts on “2 weeks from now, we’ll get all the Pixel 6 details!”

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    1. Adam, I didn’t know that about the fingerprint reader. That might change my plans because fingerprint readers rarely work for me. Samsung never works. The older iPhones didn’t work. Huawei worked great… Not sure about the Pixel.

      1. It doesn’t work for me either. That’s why I prefer the old and classic fingerprint reader. They could integrate it into the power button. Face ID is a nightmare now with the mask.

      2. My Samsung S20 Ultra fingerprint reader works 99% of the time. I have it paired with my galaxy watch so I rarely need to unlock it, anyway. I wouldn’t buy a google phone just because it’s google, but the fingerprint reader wouldn’t stop me.

  2. Pixel 6 pro or the Z Fold 3? Julie have you tried the Z Fold? I am stuck between camera and pixel goodies vs bleeding edge technology and the future! Decisions decisions

    1. Zlatko, I haven’t tried the Z Fold 3 or any of the folding phones (yet). I really focus (see what I did there?) on the camera since my phone is typically my only camera that I use for everything from random snaps to all of my review photos/video.

    2. I’m still holding off on the folding ones. I looked at the 2 a couple months ago in an AT&T store. Maybe in a couple years they can produce more and the price will HOPEFULLY come down.

  3. Here we go again! Get ready for Julie to pre-order the Pixel 6, get all excited, use it for a week, then return it.

  4. Christmas came early this year — I replaced my Pixel 1 XL with the new Pixel 6 Pro. Some birthing pains but nothing critical. The underscreen fingerprint reader has been updated and is much better than launch but I never had a problem with the rear fingerprint reader anyway. Otherwise, a great phone and camera. You ought to try it.

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