DNA Vibe Jazz Band Vibe review – Light therapy device

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REVIEW – Aches and pains, we all have them or will have them at some point in our lives. Whether these pains come as a result of epic workouts or from arthritis and other chronic medical conditions, finding a way to alleviate inflammation and pain without drugs can be a struggle. That’s where the DNA Vibe Jazz Band Vibe is supposed to help. No, it isn’t a musical instrument, it’s a light therapy device. Let’s take a look.

What is it?

The DNA Vibe Jazz Band is a therapy device that has been designed to reduce pain, enhance performance, and allow for faster recovery of aching joints and muscles using red and near infrared light, magnets, and micro vibration. It can be used on ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, shoulders, necks, backs, and more.


Power output – 2 Watts (Optimized for minimum output)
Power density – 6 mW/cm^2
Red light – 650 nm – 675 nm 10 emitters, the exact wavelength is proprietary
Near-infrared – 825 nm – 850 nm, 18 emitters, the exact wavelength is proprietary
Magnetic – 45-55 micro Tesla, 1 emitter, 6-10 Hz pulsed (intensity is comparable to earth’s naturally occurring magnetic field)
Micro-vibration – 225 Hz, Controllable on/off, pulse pattern & periodicity selectable
Dimensions – 5″ x 11.25″

What’s in the package?

dnavibe jazzband 7

  • DNA Vibe Jazz Band Vibe light therapy device
  • AC adapter with X in long cable and magnetic connector to band
  • 2 Elastic Velcro strap

Design and features

dnavibe jazzband 6

The DNA Vibe Jazz Band Vibe is an oval-shaped device that is housed in a neoprene cover. The Vibe has a short power cable with a magnetic connector attached to it. The connector reminds me of an Apple MagSafe cable that we used to have on MacBooks. It provides a quick connect and disconnect of the power adapter cable which plugs into your wall. That means that you’ll always be tethered when you’re using this device. If you want to use the Vibe wirelessly, you can check out the Cordless Power Pack.

dnavibe jazzband 5

If you flip the band over, you’ll see that there’s a mesh cover.

dnavibe jazzband 4

The Jazz Band Vibe feels like a thick slab of solid gel. But when you plug it in, 10 large LED glow red and the Vibe vibrates with short bursts.

DNA Vibe app

To control the DNA Vibe Jazz Band Vibe Light Therapy Device, you’ll need to download the DNA Vibe app for your phone. I did all my testing with my iPhone 12 Pro Max. Bluetooth pairing of the Vibe with my phone was quick and simple and the app itself is also just as simple to use.

The app has one main screen (shown above) that lets you set a timer for the therapy session and adjust the red light, near infrared light, magnetics, and toggle the micro vibration feature. It is suggested that you use the device twice a day for 20-30 minutes to achieve results. What kind of results? According to DNA Vibe, you should see:

  • Improves blood flow and oxygenation
  • Reduces inflammation to relieve pain and pressure
  • Enhances cellular energy to accelerate recovery

How do you “wear” it?

Basically, you just wrap the Vibe around the body part that needs therapy and use one of the straps to keep it in place. That sounds easy but it can be a bit awkward when you’re trying to place the Vibe around your own hand, arm, elbow, or shoulder. You should also know that the body part needs to be bare and the Vibe needs to be positioned against the area that needs help.

I tested the DNA Vibe Jazz Band Vibe Light Therapy device with my elbow and my hand. Once in a while, I’ll give myself a mild case of tendonitis from leaning on my elbow too much while I’m sitting at my desk. I had noticed lately that my elbow is achy so I used the Vibe to see if it could relieve the inflammation and mild pain. I was very much surprised when one 30 minute session with the Vibe made the pain go away. I considered that a fluke and decided to give the Vibe something difficult to fix – my hand. My right hand has the beginning of arthritis or some type of inflammation problem in the thumb near the wrist. So used the Vibe as suggested, 20-30 minutes once a day for 2 weeks. Here are before pictures comparing my left hand and my right hand so you can better see how the right hand is slightly swollen.

dnavibe jazzband 8

If you look at my good/left hand above, you’ll notice how there’s a depression under the tendon going from my wrist to my thumb, but on my right/bad hand, it’s puffy. So that was the test for the Jazz Band Vibe.

dnavibe jazzband 9

Here’s what it looks like to wrap the Vibe around my hand. Again, it’s super awkward to do this all by yourself.

For a true test, DNA Vibe says that you have to do 14 consecutive days of 30 minutes twice a day or 1hr once a day therapy sessions. I did the therapy sessions while watching TV in the evenings.

dnavibe jazzband 10

After 14 consecutive days of sessions using the DNA Vibe Jazz Band Vibe, here is another comparison picture of my left and right hands to show you the results. As you can see, the right/bad hand has the same amount of swelling and I’ve had zero improvement in the pain.

What I like

  • Portable
  • Session customization with app
  • No drugs, creams, or doctor visits required to try this device
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

What I’d change

  • Expensive compared to similar products
  • Can’t confirm that it can improve inflammation

Final thoughts

The DNA Vibe Jazz Band Vibe may be able to help some people with aches, pains, and inflammation in their joints, but after my testing, it didn’t help me. Does that mean that this product doesn’t work at all? I can’t claim to know everything there is to know about red and near-infrared light therapy. I can only tell you what it was able to do for me for my particular issue which was nothing. If you want to try it, they do offer a money-back guarantee.

Update 11/16/21

dnavibe 200

I was asked by DNA Vibe to try using the device for 30 days to see if I could tell a difference in my right hand. So for 30 days, I used the device for 1hr each day and I still can’t say that I’m noticing any positive changes. I still have mild swelling and pain in my right hand near the base of the thumb and wrist.

Price: $249.00
Where to buy: DNA Vibe
Source: The sample for this review was provided by DNA Vibe.

14 thoughts on “DNA Vibe Jazz Band Vibe review – Light therapy device”

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  2. Hi Julie! What a thoughtful review. You have a real knack for laying things out simply and clearly. Thank you!

    I’m DNA Vibe’s founder and appreciate the attention you gave to our ‘gadget.’ 🙂 Thanks!

    We really are passionate about helping to make the world a better place, one better life at a time. This is what drives us every day.

    No rebuttal here, just hoping you’ll find the relief you crave…; so, when I look at your before/after photo, I’m inclined to encourage you to stick with it a while longer. 14 days is a reasonably ‘average’ range for more stubborn issues, but timing can vary. We’ve had people report life-changing results after 30 days. Sometimes much sooner.

    In any case, based on what I’m seeing in your photos, it looks like there’s a bit more definition and visibility in your subdermal details at and below your right index knuckle (veins, metacarpal, etc). I hope you’ll stick with it. Either way, love your blog and wish you the very best Vibes.

    Thanks! Perry

  3. Hi Julie,
    Just read your review of the DNA Vibe Jazz Band therapy on your right hand. My wife both have OA in her hands, knees and back & I in my back & left hip. We recently(10 days ago) purchased a PEMF device for treatment of pain from OA inflammation. It’s US made by Bob Dennis Phd & its called a Micro-Pulse ICES M1 and have experienced pain relief from his invention that has 6 patents on his technology. We are not connected with Mr Dennis & his company in any way except as customers. So maybe this device might interest you also for swelling &
    pain relief in your right hanf.

  4. Shelley K Hawthorne

    My device has stopped working. When I try to log onto the app it says “no device found”. I have tried multiple times and nothing happens. Please advise. Thanks

    1. Shelley, I’m assuming that you’ve unplugged it and plugged it back in. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you’ll need to contact DNA Vibe as we don’t sell or provide tech support for the products that we write about.

    1. Christopher Najor

      Ours stopped working after about a month but I contacted the company and they sent me out a new one the same day. I received it 4 business days later.

    2. I have emailed support several times now about the pulse and vibration not working and I asked to return it. I have asked again for their instructions/ authorization. To return. They WILL NOT answer me! It is unacceptable

    1. Nancy, I’ve benefited from red light therapy for my neuropathy by placing a red light pad under my lower back for 30 minute sessions. My PT suggested giving it a ten day trial and I’ve noticed improvement. It has also benefited bursiits in my hip. Many red light therapy pads available on Amazon.

  5. Thanks for this… if the specs you quoted at the top are right then perhaps the radiance isn’t enough… I read in some research that you need 100 or more mw/cm2 and you’ve wrote that this one is just 6.. that may be good for skin issues but for deeper penetration definitely need more.

  6. This was a well-written and objective review I feel I can trust. Thank you. Personally I feel the biggest drawbacks (if I understand it correctly) are that it is controlled by an app, and it requires connectivity to work. I am not comfortable with a company that can save my usage or location data; and I would like a product that works without wi-fi or a cell connection. Perhaps this allowed them to offer it at a lower price point, but to me it is a serious disadvantage.

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