Goodpapa K1 4-in-1 All Purpose Spin Scrubber review – a different spin on kitchen cleaning

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CROWDFUNDING REVIEW – Spending time cleaning, sucks, am I right?  I’m all for anything that can reduce cleaning time and effort, especially if it also improves cleaning performance.  Goodpapa is putting its spin on kitchen cleaning with its new Kickstarter campaign for the K1 4-in-1 Spin Scrubber. They have some history with spinning cleaning products and I was impressed with its spinning toilet brush. Since I don’t want to bring the toilet brush into the kitchen to clean the dishes and pans, I was excited to try a dedicated kitchen brush.

What is it?

The K1 brush is a handheld, rechargeable spinning kitchen brush with multiple cleaning head attachments.

What’s in the box?

  • K1 scrubber body
  • Charging/storage stand
  • USB-A to micro-USB charging cord (power supply not included)
  • Triple-head scouring attachment
  • Scratch-free scouring pads (18)
  • Wire brush attachment
  • PP (Polypropylene) brush attachment
  • Bottle brush attachment
  • Extendable bottle brush

Hardware specs

  • Color: black & white
  • Water resistance: IPX7 waterproof
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Dimensions: 165mm x 92mm (main body); 165mm x 125mm (with stand)
  • Scrubber weight: 270g
  • Charging voltage: 5V, 2A, charger not included
  • Rater power: 24W
  • Charging connection: micro-USB on the stand, wireless with magnetic connection on the tool
  • Runtime: 90 minutes, continuous
  • Battery capacity: 2,000 mAh
  • Speed: 230-350 RPM, depending on the specific attachment
  • Operating noise: <70dB

Design and features

The K1 fits nicely in the hand as well as on the charging stand.  The handle could be perhaps 1/2″ longer, but overall, I like the design. The photo above shows it sitting on the charging stand with the charge indicator lit up.  The indicator lights up when fully charged or in use.  It flashes when charging or when the battery is getting low while in use.

Right below the indicator light, we see the first of two power switches.   Two?  Why?  Well, some people want to use their thumb to turn it on.  This switch is for them.

For those that are more index finger minded, Goodpapa thoughtfully added a second trigger under the scrubber.

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Below that trigger, you can see the dual-contact magnetic charging contacts. When you set the scrubber on the charging stand, those contacts snap against the charging contacts on the stand.

The micro-USB (USB-C?  Anyone?  Anyone?) port sits on the side of the stand.  Underneath both ends of the stand, nice rubber pads protect your countertop and help prevent skids.

All attachments snap in place with three magnet mounts.

The six-sided rotating center axel fits into the center of the attachments.

The triple scouring head has three independently rotating disks with hook and loop pads.  The scouring pads attach to those.  The scouring pads are safe for use on glass.

The bottle brush attachment comes in two pieces. The head attaches to the scrubber and then the brush inserts into the head.  The brush itself is extendable for deeper bottles.  The bristles are soft to the touch.

The PP head has polypropylene bristles that are somewhat stiff, but can deform to scrub corners and uneven surfaces.

Finally, the wire brush has metal bristles. It is designed for use on metal pans and grill grates.


To setup the brush, all you need to do is charge it and then pop on the brush you want to use.  To charge, just plug the cable into the stand and your own USB power source.  Then, drop the scrubber on the base and let it charge for up to two hours.


All the attachments are cool and the charging stand is handy.  That’s all great, but if the brush doesn’t clean well, so what, right?  I am happy to report that the Goodpapa K1 packs a cleaning punch!

Yuck.  This is our well-worn microwave platter.  We use it regularly to cook bacon.  Mmm…bacon…what was I saying?  Oh yeah, back to our review.  This thing never gets completely clean.  We scrub it and run in through the dishwasher.  Still, stains persist as the microwave gets things pretty darn hot. The raised ribs and edge also make it difficult to clean effectively.

I popped on the PP brush, sprayed a little water and dish soap on the tray and went to work.

Here is the final result.

Color me impressed!  If you listen closely to the video, you can hear the motor working as I pressed down.  This thing has some serious torque.  I put a lot of pressure on the brush so the bristles would deform and get into all the nooks and crannies, and wow – did it.  The motor never slowed and it put some powerful scrubbing down.

I plan to do a full scrub on the grill with the wire brush in the near future.  The bottle attachment will be great for scrubbing the inside of our deep steel insulated glasses that we use every day.  The scouring head will come in handy for removing stubborn stains from dishes and the stove top.

One trend I don’t care for is the elimination of power supplies.  Lots of companies seem to think we all have tons of USB power supplies sitting around.  That only works for a while as once they’re all used, that will add to the overall cost of a product.  Just send a power supply.

The other thing that is missing is a tool caddy.  With all the pieces and parts this comes with, having some sort of caddy to keep them all organized would be great.  With pricing as tested starting at $79, a caddy seems like a reasonable addition.

What I like

  • Impressive torque
  • Comprehensive set of cleaning tools
  • Dual trigger is handy
  • Storage/charging stand fits nicely on the counter

What I’d change

  • The grip could maybe be a little longer
  • Can we please just agree to use USB-C?
  • It would be nice if they included a USB power supply
  • A storage caddy for the tools would be a welcome addition

Final thoughts

The first Goodpapa product I reviewed, the toilet brush, impressed me with its powerful torque.  That seems to be a Goodpapa thing as the K1 scrubber is equally as impressive.  WIth its comprehensive set of cleaning tools, the K1 is a great addition to the kitchen.  This has found a permanent home on our kitchen counter. It should save us both time and elbow grease and that’s a great thing.

Please note that this is being offered via a Kickstarter campaign. Their funding goal was a modest $1,000.  As of this writing, they are already funded to nearly $21,500. The campaign ends Thursday, September 9, 2021 at 5:01 AM EDT with rewards planned to ship to supporters in October 2021.

Price: This is a Kickstarter campaign with pledges/rewards starting at $79 and deliveries targeted for October 2021
Where to buy: Kickstarter
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Goodpapa.

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  2. I don’t necessarily mind the removal of USB power supplies. I have 7 unused ones within sight of me right now – and typically most new items get plugged into a charging hub.

  3. Maybe for portable items, I can understand the trend to not always include a USB charger. But for something like this, where the stand is designed to be plugged in all the time, they should definitely include one.

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