A wallet for maximalists who like to think they are minimalists

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NEWS – The Fusion Wallet is…interesting… It’s made of 13 separate pieces of CNC aluminum. With a quick glance, you might think it’s a trendy minimalist wallet like any one of the Ridge wallet copies. But except for the fact that it’s made of aluminum, the Fusion Wallet is definitely not a minimalist wallet. It’s more like a tank for your cards and cash. It can hold up to 12 cards if they are flat and 8 if they have embossed text. The wallet can also hold up to 10 banknotes AND 4 micro SD cards. It’s also interesting that each wallet ships with some steel wool and sanding pads so you can keep it looking new. Want one? Head over to fusionwallets.com where they are currently on sale for 75£ ($104 US).

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7 thoughts on “A wallet for maximalists who like to think they are minimalists”

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  2. This seems more about protecting your cards from damage, than it is about usability. You need a T-6 driver to get to the microSD cards!

      1. You are the reason I GOT that same case, …. and a-lot of other palm paraphernalia over the years. I wonder if I can back charge any of what I spent to you? 😀

  3. Michael O'Donnell

    A solution looking for a problem. Is it expected that someone would actually put that in a pants pocket?

    I’ll stick to my minimalist Saddleback front pocket wallet.

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