This case turns your BIC lighter into a tank!

mecarmy ltr2 2

NEWS – BIC lighters are super popular because they are cheap and disposable. They are so cheap that you can buy a pack of 8 lighters for around $10 on Amazon. So what type of person needs a $119 Titanium holder for their BIC lighter? EDC loving Gadgeteers, that’s who! The MecArmy LTR2 is made of TC4 Titanium which won’t rust or corrode, so it will keep your BIC lighter protected and safe.  It’s been expertly CNC machined and there’s even a slot for a glow bar if you want to be really fancy. Head over to or Amazon to buy one for $119.

mecarmy ltr2 1

mecarmy ltr2 3

mecarmy ltr2 4

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