iDPRT SP410 thermal label printer review

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iDPRT SP410 09

REVIEW – I send many packages that require labels- most of them Amazon returns or eBay shipments. Normally I’d print out a sheet of paper, cut out the excess, and tape the remainder on the box. Seems a little wasteful. With a label printer, I figure I’d save a lot of steps, plus no more taping edges of plain paper! This is where the iDPRT SP410 thermal label printer comes in.

What is it?

iDPRT SP410.08A thermal printer does not use ink or toner. Instead, it uses special paper or labels The iDPRT SP410 can accommodate labels between 2″ and 4.65″ wide, connects via USB, and is Mac and PC compatible.

What’s in the box?

iDPRT SP410 01

  • Printer
  • USB cable
  • Power cable (no external brick!)
  • Manual and mini CD with drivers

Design and featuresiDPRT SP410 02

For starters, the printer is pretty small. It’s about the size of a loaf of bread. Here’s the printer opened up with the test print still inside.iDPRT SP410 07

That’s when I realized this printer doesn’t have storage of printer paper or labels like your traditional printer. You’ll have to attach a roll or box outside the printer to feed into it. The rear of the printer has a power switch on one side, and the USBiDPRT SP410 03

Inside the printer, you’ll note the serrated blade. It won’t automatically cut your prints. You tear them off by hand.iDPRT SP410 04

On both ends, you’ll find the release latches. Pull both to open the printer.

iDPRT SP410 05There’s a multi-colored button on top to indicate readiness. It glows blue when in standby.iDPRT SP410 06


I bought a box of 4×6 labels and opened the top to serve as a kind of a hopper. Here, the labels are fed into the rear of the printer.
iDPRT SP410 08


I’m able to print images of labels that I take screenshots of (command-shift-4 on the Mac), which is my usual method. The iDPRT SP410 prints surprisingly quickly. I didn’t even have time to move my hand! Take a look.

What I like

  • Compact
  • Quick
  • Printing onto adhesive labels is a real timesaver
  • No power brick

What I’d change

  • A snap-on tray or roller for labels would have been nice.

Final thoughts

It appears the iDPRT SP410 has many clones on Amazon. They’re probably similar. I’m quite happy with the size, speed, and convenience of the SP410.

Update 6/10/22

This is still the best thermal label printer I have in the house. The other (a Dymo) has proven to be rather fussy. This past week the Dymo froze again, forcing me to unplug all the cables, wait, re-plug. I haven’t had to restart or reset the iDPRT SP410 since I wrote my original review. When the Dymo goes belly up, I’ll be buying another iDPRT.

Price: $139.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by iDPRT.

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  2. I have a Rollo, which like this one does not use overpriced proprietary labels like Brother or Dymo.

    Pro tip: a wall-mounted toilet roll holder makes an outstanding label roll holder (with the wall mount base against the desk or horizontal surface).

  3. How is the quality, resolution, and contrast of the printed result? I’ve read some other thermal printer reviews that complain about those aspects.

  4. Great Review! What would you recommend for a wireless option? I really like the FreeX WiFi Thermal Printer. It has wireless capabilities and many more great features.

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