Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand Review

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REVIEW – Yes, there are a ton of charging stands out there for the iPhone.  I am a recent iPhone convert.  I have been on Android since the beginning and have now been drawn to the dark side.   I have wireless chargers from my previous Android life that will charge my iPhone 11 Pro, but I did not have a charger that would charge my phone and future purchase of the Apple watch.  When the chance came to review the Mophie three in one charger, I decided to give it a chance and see how well it works.

What is it?

The Mophie 3-in-1 wireless charger is a charging stand made to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, Air Pods, and Air Pods Pro all at the same time.  The charger features ‘fast’ charging for your phone by having 7.5 watts of power.

What’s in the box?

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  • One charging stand base
  • User manual
  • Phone backrest
  • Watch backrest
  • Power cord

Hardware specs

  • Wireless charging works on contact and delivers a safe and efficient charge to your device.
  • Charge three devices simultaneously.
  • The easy-to-use stand can charge your iPhone in portrait or landscape mode with up to 7.5W of power.
  • The built-in magnetic charger holds Apple Watch at the ideal angle to take advantage of Nightstand Mode.
  • Dedicated AirPods Pro or AirPods spot ensures charging begins on contact, every time.
  • Stand can charge through lightweight phone cases up to 3mm thick.
  • Smooth, glass finish looks sleek on any tabletop.

Design and features

This charging stand features areas to charge three Apple products all at the same time including charging your phone at 7.5 watts for faster charging.  I love that it has a stand for the phone and the watch.  Both make it very easy to place your device on the charger and not have to hunt and peck around for the correct charging position.   I have another cheaper wireless charging device that lets you place the phone flat down on it.  I find myself thinking I am charging my phone when I have instead placed it in the wrong position and not getting a charge at all.   Placing the phone in a vertical position on the stand means I have yet to miss hitting the proper charging position.   The same goes for the watch and iPod case.


From the ‘what’s in the box’ picture above,  you can see the charging stand comes in three pieces.  I had to insert the stand for the phone and the stand for the watch charger into the main base.

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The picture above shows the bottom of the phone base.  Its pins and design of the base make it foolproof to insert the stand into the base.  It went in place with a satisfying click.

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This is the picture of the bottom of the watch charger stand.  It also clicked in very easily to the base.   Both stands were solidly in the base with no wiggles at all.  It was a very sturdy setup.

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This is a picture of the back of the charging stand where you plug in the power cord.  It is the only port for the charger.  The cord itself is at least five feet long.  I have the charging stand sitting on top of a tall bar plugged into a power strip on the floor.


Let me start off the performance part of the review by again stating that I just came from the Android world.  I used to have a Galaxy Note 10 and fast wireless charging was really that.  On the iPhone, fast charging I guess is more relative to the past history of the iPhone itself.  It took about two hours to get 50% more charge on my phone.  I tried this a couple of times and it was consistently around two hours every time.  That seems slow to me compared to wireless charging on my Note 10.  I know I can get 48% in a half hour using the wired fast charger.   That being said, the only time I charge my phone is overnight.  I used my husband’s Air Pods Pro and his watch to test out the charging on the stand along with my phone.  Everything was charged exactly as it should be.  It had no trouble charging through either my case which is a Spigen case or my husband’s thicker off-brand case shown in the main picture.  I was also able to charge my phone in a horizontal position if I placed the back of the phone in the middle of the charging stand.  If I was too much to the left or right, it would not charge.  I prefer vertical anyway since horizontal tends to block the ease of accessing the watch and Air Pods charging bases.

The stand is well built and has a nice heft to it.  It does not lend itself to being scooted around on the desk.  I also love the look of the stand.

What I like

  • This is a beautiful charger.  It has a really nice weight to it and is well-designed looks and feature-wise.
  • I like that the phone stand makes hitting the sweet spot for charging the phone vertically foolproof.
  • I like that I can charge my watch, Air Pods, and phone all in one place.
  • Two-year warranty from a company with a known history in the US.

What needs to be improved

  • It has a rather hefty price tag.
  • Apple’s fast wireless charging is not all it is cracked up to be.  I don’t think it is a fault of the stand, but an Apple issue.

Final thoughts

This is a really nice stand that does what it says it will.  It charges all three devices and looks great doing so.  I know you may be able to get a cheaper knock off version of the charger on Amazon, but you don’t know how well it will work and I will bet money it does not have a two-year warranty on it.  If you have the money to spend on it, I recommend getting one for yourself.

Price: $139.95
Where to buyZagg and Apple
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Zagg.

7 thoughts on “Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand Review”

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  2. The iPhone charger portion of this base keeps flashing when I put the iPhone in vertically. It will charge perfectly for awhile and then start blinking. Does this happen to you? I’ve tried putting the phone flush against the stand and also pulling it out about 1/4 inch but it still flashes.

  3. I made a point to charge my phone in the horizontal and vertical position. I charge vertically by default since the stand seems designed to mainly hold the phone upright. I never had an issue charging the phone either way. One thing I did notice, and this I believe is a feature of the iPhone 11 pro on up, is that if you are 80% over capacity, the phone will charge very slowly from that point on. I try to never put my phone on the charger unless I am below 50%.

  4. Felicia M. Barber

    I have also experienced difficulty charging my phone vertically. 50% of the time, the white light will start blinking to let me know it’s not charging and if I happen to not see it, then it goes uncharged. Charging it horizontally works fine but the sole purpose of buying it was so I could prop it up and see if a message came through because it is always silenced. For $140, it should work the way it was intended to. I would not recommend it unless the price I paid what as least half as much.

  5. I bought Mophie 3 in 1 today and right away saw that vertical not charging and I changed it to horizontal position it worked but paying $ 224 make me nervous if I’ve been seen this much complaint I never bought it, I’m throughly disappointed

  6. Both my wife’s Mophie and mine have the white flashing LED at the base of the units that others have mentioned in these product comments. Even when there is no device attached to the Mophie our lights keep flashing. I have to unplug the Mophie’s power plug to reset it but the light will start flashing again before too long. No mention of this light is made in the user instructions or online reviews. What’s going on Mophie? And, a warning: you need to double check the iPhone is charging as it often does not connect just by resting it against the Mophie’s stand. I cannot recommend you buy this Mophie 3-1 charger.

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