Beachsafe keeps your stuff secure and your phone cool

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NEWS – Do you always worry that someone might mess with your stuff when you’re walking on the beach or swimming in the pool? Beachsafe is a portable lockable safe that you can use to store and secure your valuables when you’re not right there with them. It features a stainless steel cable, and a 4 digit combination lock.

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But the features that make the Beachsafe interesting to me is that it also has a built-in charger and a fan to keep your phone juiced up and protect it from baking in the sun.

Available in four bright colors, the Beachsafe is made in the USA, priced at $59.99 and is available now at

4 thoughts on “Beachsafe keeps your stuff secure and your phone cool”

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  2. RainyDaynterns

    “…Available in four bright colors…” LOL!!! Nothing like saying “here are all my valuables.”

    Actually, it might make more sense if the case was water and sand proof so it could be buried while attached to the cable. It would still be kept cool and would be a lot less conspicuous…

    OK, a towel covering it would be just as good 🙂

  3. It doesn’t say what it is made of.
    That said, It makes a great travelling safe for hotel rooms and even going to the gym.

  4. Michele Pineda

    Great idea! May have to look into getting one for my daughter when she visits the lake, pools and beaches this summer.

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