The new Heated Razor from Gillette Labs is hot – literally

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Gillette Heated Razor 2

NEWS – In an effort to make shaving more comfortable, many razor companies have added more blades, taken away blades, or made their razors with handles that vibrate. Gillette’s latest entry in the ongoing razor race is to add heat to the equation. Specifically, in the form of a wirelessly charging razor with a warming bar.

Gillette Heated Razor 5

The one thing that most folks do when shaving, aside from making sure they have a razor and some type of lubricant, is to heat up the area they are intending to shave. As I shave in the shower, I usually run my face under the water for a few minutes to soften up my beard. Now, with the heated razor from Gillette, I can skip the face soaking and go straight to shaving.

Gillette Heated Razor 6

To heat the warming bar you simply press the power button. According to Gillette, it takes one second to reach full temperature. On first use, it will heat to the higher of the two available settings. This can be adjusted by pressing and holding the power button to cycle between high and low heat. Once set, the razor will remember your preference.

The handle is a bit bulkier than the normal Gillette Power, or other vibrating razors, but not uncomfortably so. Although you can’t use your existing cartridges, as the handle has a different connection, it uses the same Fusion ProGlide blades.

Gillette Heated Razor 4

The Gillette Heated Razor comes with the handle and charging base, along with a pack of cartridges. It started as an Indegogo campaign, which sold out, and is now available for preorder from Gillette On Demand for $200 (expected to deliver in time for Father’s Day).

12 thoughts on “The new Heated Razor from Gillette Labs is hot – literally”

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  2. I have to admit that the ending of this article surprised me, especially the price for this razor. I thought that Gillette was having such a tough time competing with Dorco/Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s, especially since Harry’s is in brick and mortar stores now, that Gillette would be trying to compete on the low end, not the high end.

    1. After seeing that the Indegogo campaign price was quite a bit less, I was shocked as well to see the $200 price. That, plus the cost of razors is going to be a tough sell.

      They did sell out all levels of the campaign though, so maybe it’ll succeed.

  3. They’ll have to sell a lot of these to make up for the disastrous 8% drop in sales last quarter. Now there’s talk of P&G getting rid of Gillette. That infamous commercial turned out well, didn’t it? 😂

  4. Just further proof to me that Gillette is having a hard time learning the fact that their overpriced product strategy is not winning. I love my Dorco razors just fine and the money I’ve saved since moving from Gillette has been immense. FYI, Dorco is still cheaper than Dollar Shave Club and they are the same razors.

    1. Luca Del Signore

      they are desperate. DSC/Dorco, Harrys, Bevel etc are eating market share by the day. Then they also have a misoginist marketing department. dinosaurs go extinct.

  5. Last time I shaved (it’s been a few years), I was also a shower-shaver. Wish I’d have been told that trick 30 years earlier! The last 10 years of shaving were better than the first 3 decades. (FWIW, yes, I’m a geezer. GET OFF MY LAWN!)

  6. Love the concept but agree the price is way to high – maybe if Apple launched it they could get this price but think its going to be a tough sell for Gillette.

  7. Wow. Sounds nice. Too bad it’s nearly 5-6x the max I’d be willing to pay for such a thing (and the fact I will never buy a product sold by Procter & Gamble or one of its subsidiaries EVER AGAIN after that misandrist BS commercial).

  8. Does this heated razor vibrate like the ProGlide? To me, vibration is more important than heat, although I’d like both.

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