Nisnas industries Vortex Shadow is a sling for urban adventurers

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NEWS – I followed the first Kickstarter of these guys with their Kole flask back in August of 2015. Since then, they have released several other unique high-touch products (two wooden whiskey tumbler styles, and two vegan backpacks sized for women, among others). The one that I have always lusted after, however, is their Vortex Shadow.

In natural tan, this slim sling looks like Robin Hood’s quiver remade for an inner city walk. As the ad copy states, “The Vortex is designed to be a mid-range bag for a one-day urban adventure, the sweet-spot between longer trips and a commute. Perfect for a day in the city, to take your camera and essentials on an adventure where the city will take you.” With my recent descent into the world of sling bags of just this ilk, it’s looking more and more attractive. There’s a smaller one now, the Vortex Shield, but I think that won’t hold my regular sized iPad.

If you’re into leather (natural brown or black) and have just a bit more than all your pockets can hold, this may be the bag for you. They offer free shipping anywhere in the world, and ship in just a few days. Visit NiNSAS Industries for all the details.

2 thoughts on “Nisnas industries Vortex Shadow is a sling for urban adventurers”

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  2. I like gear as much as the next person and have, on more than one occasion, spent more than I thought was reasonable for something I really wanted. But, the NinSAS website lists a price of $293 for this sling. That’s more than a bit outrageous. One can almost buy a mil-spec GoRuck or TAD backpack for that amount. It’s leather, but even that doesn’t justify the item’s boutique pricing.

    A key feature to review is to note a product’s “value” (bang for the buck) and perhaps contrast that value to that of other, similar products.

    Just one guy’s opinion.

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